Look Ma' Im Zwifting

So I am sure you are involved in the bike community the slightest bit you have heard about Zwift

If you haven't Zwift is essentially an interactive bike riding video game. Remember Nintendo Wii - circa 2006 ( I was in college)  - people claimed it could keep you healthy + actively in-shape...yeah, okay! Well, Zwift is like a Wii but totally badass and truly active.

The program is run through a few ANT+ pieces, a download, a computer and you on your training pedaling your ass off. Zwift supplies you with an interactive video platform, so you can actually see those around you riding too (in avatar form), gives you status from the day AND can sync to your StravaHmmmm, guess who has been QOM of the day for her last two rides? THIS GIRL!

I have only been Zwift-ing for several sessions now - but - so far it has made a huge difference with winter riding. I will admit I do miss watching my wild animal documentaries and food network shows - however, this program gives you the feeling of REALLY riding your bike.

I may or may not have gotten a little too into the ride yesterday while going for the acclaimed Libby Hill and started to feel my training tip when I tried to power through a corner. Ha! 

Interested in trying Zwift? It is super easy, as long as you have a trainer, and ANT+ Dongle (speed + cadence sensor too) - you can download the program to your computer and ride for free for 14 days or x-amount of kms.

**major plus if you are a premium strava user, because you get TWO-MONTHS free!

Now - go Zwiftly!

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  1. Nice. I also prefer single speed bikes myself. Makes things a lot less complicated and easy to maintain. Best Bikes for Women