Gee, thanks for the reminder.

I am going to go with the old saying: if I had a dollar for every time....

Since committing to racing Cape Epic back in August of 2015 not a day seems to go by where someone doesn't decide that they have to remind me that I am going to participate in one of the hardest mountain bike marathon races in the world - actually, it is so hard that it is one of the 5 races in the globe that has been categorized as a UCI hors cat├ęgories - basically that means HARD - like really f**king hard. I like hard - well, I hate the thought of it, but, when the time comes and the bullhorn goes off - I am ready.

First, thanks for constantly reminding me of what I (yes, me) personally committed to - like seriously do you think it slipped my mind from the time I went to be last night + this morning? No.

Just so that you get a true gist of the comments I hear - and we will start off with my favorite:

- Are you going to take your bike? ..........
- Do you even know how to mountain bike - you're a roadie right? Good one, is this a joke? If you are still wondering what the answer to that is: my background is in mountain biking. 

- Your luggage is going to be SO expensive, flying with a bike is really expensive. Again.......

- Are you in shape?  Well, I am more in shape than a couch potato I know that much. 

-Which lenses are you going to use? Really haven't put an ounce of thought into this year. Hopefully I remember to pack glasses - since that is a common piece of equipment I forget - almost every trip.

- Do you think you'll finish? Are you kidding me, what kind of question is that?! 
Are you going on a Safari - just to put a general answer out there, for the 500 times I hear this a day. Gosh, I would love to do this - but don't have any plans so far. 

- I've done a stage race. That's great, I hope you learned a lot about yourself when you did it and you felt very rewarded at the end. 

- You are going to be in so much pain. Like so uncomfortable, I can't even imagine. First, thank you for the reminder - but, have you done this race before? No, then why are you telling me? 

- Those pedals suck. Be ready for them to break. Funny you say that, because I have NEVER had a pair of these pedals break on me...so let's just hope that luck continues. 

- You are going to be SO exhausted after the flight down there. Oh, I am? That's funny - because you and I travel so much together you know how my body handles international travel. 

- There are a lot of poison snakes down there. Again, thanks for the reminder, the photos + the YouTube videos of black mambas. 

- You aren't going to want to look at a bike for a month after the race. Welp, sucks for me because literally a week an a half after I land in the state I have a 200 mile team camp ride to go on. 

- What are you going to do for food, you shouldn't use gel. Are you a nutritionist now? 

- And of course, just one more time: Do you know how sore you're going to be? No, but, I can imagine. And, how would you know?

Ha, okay really you have to admit the questions have to make you laugh a little bit.

Looking forward to sharing other fun experiences with you along the way!


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