Epic-ly Epic

Photo by Kevin Scott Batchelor

The days are starting to blur together. I have been trying to squeeze in as much sleep as possible these last few days - I know that my body is going to be screaming for it come half way through the race.

We just had a successful fundraising event over the weekend, thanks to Mosaic Cycles letting us jump in on their event. The excitement was so high, the whiskey was good - and the community support left my heart fluttering as I slipped into bed that night. We also found out that night that I may have a future in raffle + silent auction announcing.

In less than 2-weeks Lentine and I will be hoping on a plane that will take us to a land that neither of us have every visited before. The last minute jitters and to-do lists are growing by the second.

This trip wouldn't be possible with out all the love + support of our friends, families and companies we have partnered with.

My goal is going to be to blog everyday while I am down there - I am saying this now, but on day 5 of the race I don't know if that will be an actuality. So - be sure to check back every now and then to see what we are up to.

A huge thank you to the companies that have given us a helping hand so far - this dream could not have come a reality without you:
Oakley + Trek Bicycles + Nuun + Skoop + Skratch Labs + Coola Suncare + Vermarc + Qhubeka World Bicycle Relief + GoPro + Mad Alchemy + Butter +Rapha + The Athletic Community

If you haven't donated yet, and are still interested we have two different sites you can visit:
  1. Our World Bicycle Relief page will be open throughout the race - so you can keep donating those bikes! 
  2. Our Go Fund Me page will close just before the race starts (March 13th). 
Thank you for all of your love!


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