EPIC UPDATE – 62 days to go

Reality is slowly starting to creep in; Only a mere sixty-two days until the prologue stage of the 2016 Cape Epic. My nerves with a dose of double slowly creep into my brain every few days – am I strong enough? Will my legs last? Will we finish?  I never go into anything situation in life without fully examining every single possibility; you would think that over the last 8 months of preparation I would have exhausted second-guessing my level of performance.

Yesterday, I received some good news. Not only do I still hold my Cat 1 Cross-country license, but, I was also approved for a UCI license (International racing license) – to me, this is a big deal. This has lead me to gander at the possibilities of racing again – I voiced my thought out loud of potentially racing Sea Otter, what is essentially known as the season opener in the States. Okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves… Studies say, that women peek at endurance sports around their mid-to-late twenties…so that puts me on the cusp. Crap!

In preparation, I have spent endless hours on the training – and endless hours enduring the freezing cold temperatures of my new high-altitude home. It is refreshing to be back in the mountains – my body + mind are happy again. I feel healthy; I am starting to be creative again – the Bud that we all known and love is starting to re-emerge from the backwoods. This is how you should feel going into an insane endurance event on the other side of the world. Right?

I have had to rediscover the art of layering. Something I never experienced truly as a ski-racer I am finding out. I try to stick to the basic three: toes, fingers + head. The parts of your body you must keep warm, if your phalanges or head get cold…you mind as well call it a day.  I have gained an appreciation for a scalding hot shower, and a warm wool blanket after close to sub-temperature riding.

Riding on my trainer has become my solace on days it is too cold out to confront the outdoors – aside from the quick run to Whole Foods to stock up on food that satisfies my stomach.  My legs move almost vicariously to the dreams, and social media posts of warmer weather others are posting. 

It is go time. Over the next month, it is time to make sure that my legs are polished and grind + shine attitude is in check…because I am about to make a major check on my bucket list.I have also realized, that my journey begins on the one-year mark of my father's death - I am a firm believer of everything happens for a reason, and maybe he is the reason I committed myself to this challenge in 2016 - it wasn't just wine sipping, girl gossiping and tossing around big biking dreams. 

Sending Love, 

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