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Hi! LentineElizabeth (Bud) here - thank you for visiting our funding site, and learning more about our campaign!

In March 2016 we are headed to South Africa to take on one of the most difficult mountain bike 8-day stage races in the world: Absa Cape Epic . We're going to challenge ourselves, and to feel that freedom that conquering something huge on a bike provides but while we're there, we intend to help share how bikes bring a sense of freedom to women, children and families, everywhere.

The first $5,000 that we raise will help us with our journey over to Africa.

The second $5,000 will go directly towards bike donations.

During our stay, we'll be visiting several specific projects microfinance projects that provide bicycles to communities, as a means of connecting them to resources, education, and opportunity. Upon arrival, we intend to deliver a small fleet of bicycles to these projects as a way of giving them a little "bump" in their productivity, extending the power of bicycles just a little bit further. In addition to helping us fund safe ground transportation in country and food, the funds we raise here will go straight towards the building of that bike fleet that we'll deliver personally to the communities that need them most.

You can learn more below about our project, and our vision below!

We really appreciate your time + any donations made! Donations can be made by visiting the following site: https://www.gofundme.com/EpicEveryday

You can track our adventure and our training + planing on our Instagram: @EpicEverday


Bikes make us feel powerful. Because, regardless of what’s going on in our professional or personal worlds, our bicycles remain the place where we make the rules, and where our perceptions of what we can conquer are the only limitations on our ability to achieve. This liberation – to go forth bravely wherever our spirits will carry us - is one that we know bonds us to other women in our cycling communities and beyond; the freedom of spinning on two wheels with wind in our hair is undeniable, whether we’re rolling to the grocery store, or into the mountains to do intervals. And yet we recognize that the way that we’re able to enjoy the freedom of a bicycle is a privileged one; we lie on one end of the cycling spectrum, where riding bikes offer opportunities for adventure and personal success.

On the opposite end of the spectrum lie grassroots efforts to connect less fortunate women with bicycles to empower and inspire them. The Treepreneur programs sponsored by Qhubeka + World Bicycle Relief  are among these efforts in South Africa, and there are countless more here in the United States. For the women involved in these programs, growing trees and trading community services for bicycles offer them the freedom to access better education, eco-commerce, natural resources and reliable transportation that better the lives of themselves and their communities. This is freedom on two wheels, and eventually adventure and personal success as well.

By documenting and illustrating our training, preparation and competitive racing experience for the Absa Cape Epic – one of the world’s most grueling 8-day mountain bike stage races - over broad, yet accessible media channels, we hope to inspire women across the world to do the things they perceive are unachievable. And, by connecting our Cape Epic experience to projects that empower women through bicycles, we hope to illustrate that by being diligent and
dedicated to the mission of bicycles, by enjoying individual freedom bicycles offer, we’re enabled to provide strength and inspiration to women, worldwide. We’re part of something much larger than ourselves. Competing in the Cape Epic is a large mission, but we hope to make it even larger; if freedom is cyclical, we hope to set the wheels turning.

We will be using the money that we raise to pay for additional fees that we encounter (safe transportation, hotel, food, etc). All additional money will be donated to Qhubeka/World Bicycle Relief. One bike costs roughtly $160 USD.

Again, thank you so much for your time and consideration!

Sending Love to you -

Lentine + Bud


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