Your Vacation...


Since I was born, I have been blessed with the opportunity to live in small towns that all happen to seasonally attract tourist.

In the mountains during the winter, we had "texas season" - you guessed it...that is when an influx of Texans come to ski. We would make fun of them, but, then quickly find seasonal friends that would be back year after year, season after season - sigh...highschool.

Now, at the beach we have an array of people that flood the sidewalks and cover every square inch of the beach.

So, where am I going with this? When I was younger, tourism really didn't bother me. Being a youngster we used to just make fun of their Joey skiing styles - but had a strong understanding that these people funded our town, and many of our families. You became appreciative when the Elk Avenue was booming - however - you couldn't wait until there was a break from the mayhem and you didn't have lift lines or a wait to get into the Secret Stash for a slice and the market shelves were filled again.

Now, I am older and I start to noticed the details and actions of those whom are visiting. The rudeness and idiocy that come to the streets. I am not saying that this is all visitors. Again, I still realize that a lot of vacationers keep these small towns alive - and I remain thankful for that. However, when you leave your trash all over our beaches, and set up your umbrella with screaming children included essentially on top of others, you break the rules and mess with the tide pools disrupting the ocean and disrespecting the ecosystem - it is annoying. My inner Eco-friendly hippie cringes when I see people walking away from empty chip bags, cigarette stubs, beer cans and even sand toys. When you jet into parking spots, that you can tell a person is waiting for - that is rude, be kind - slow down. Everyone is equally as important in life, and we are all trying to take care of our personal business. Don't crowd the sidewalks, standing around like cattle - making other people risk their lives by having to walk out onto the busy busy busy PCH to get around you. Treat others how you would want to be treated, especially if they came to your home. 

We don't go to your towns and do this - so why would you come to our town and be so discourteous?