It's a new year.

It's 2015. Crazy, huh? The last 9 days have been a whirlwind for me - from a dreamy vacation home to Colorado, back to the realism of work.

So far in 2015, I have skied 2 days. I have ridden my bike 3 days. I've done my laundry once; and gone to the grocery store 6 times.  If I had given a dollar for ever time I have dropped the f-bomb, I would have completely spoiled away my last paycheck, which in reality isn't that much. My caloric intake has been low; however my red wine intake remains the same. I lack in sleep, but have a surprising amount of enthusiasm. Surprisingly, I have only painted my nails twice (soon to be three times). I have spent time reading out-loud about multiverses. I still love Citizen Cope. I can tell you the statistics about the LVPD vs. the NYPD - as well as all the demographics of every small town in-between Orange County and Crested Butte (cell phone service permitting). I have posted to Instagram 8 times. I have eaten one bowl of Cheerios; and two bagels. I have cried 4 times, realizing that my heart aches because of how much I miss Colorado. I have drank almost 18 cans of La Croix Pomplemousse. I have sent 6 thank you cards; and 50 holiday cards. I have realized that I enjoy spending time alone - but cannot wait to have someone to talk to. I am currently reading 4 books: The Devil In The White City, The Confidence Code, Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She's "Learned", and Anonymous Asked: Life Lessons from the Internets Big Sister. I have gone out to coffee three times, twice with Adam and once with my friend Britt.  My computer has crashed 15 times. I have pet 5 dogs. My dreams have been INSANE lately. I have only consumed Chobani Pumpkin Spice yogurt. I have indulged in curry only once.  I have only purchased one pair of shoes; which I technically bought on the last day of December. I have taken zero selfies. I have finally worked up the courage to tell Adam that I love him. I have consumed a lot of bourbon (dad, are you proud?). I have gone to yoga once. But, most importantly I have opened myself up for completely new experiences - I have deemed this the year of luck - I know everything will not be sparkles and unicorns - but - it's about damn time something really good happened.

The Year of Luck.  Somethings gotta' give...

Sending Love from Socal,


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