48-Hours to Live :: Salton Sea Edition

A few weeks ago I was asked if I would like to participate in a photoshoot - it had to do with bikes, and one of my favorite brands: Rapha. Clearly I said 'yes' - all that I knew about this ride was it would be several days long, and the ride we would go on would be a challenge. The one and only Ben Lieberson would be our ride coordinator - he is a true badass, and knows everything about every climb in this area and beyond. Needless to say, I was slightly nervous. I had 2 other Ambassador teammates accompany me - plus my new found biking friend PC - and slight neighbor/boyfriend-fiance work together to an extent. We had never met before - weird. 

Now, I am not going to spill the beans about the shoot - but rather I am going to tell you about something I was able to check off my bucket list...The Salton Sea

I have lived in Southern California for about 4 years. Thanks to my absolute infatuation with the movie Into the Wild I decided that Salton Sea, Slab City and Salvation Mountain were automatically on my SoCal Bucket List. Adam and I have now been to Palm Spring twice, and have yet to venture out to the Salton Sea (more specifically Bombay Beach) - there have been numerous deadbeat weekends where I tell myself that I will drive out there - well, that has yet to happen, and after finally making it there it is probably a good idea I did not travel there solo. 

The last part of our 3 day photoshoot ended in Bombay Beach, California. My excitement was high - although I slept almost the entire way there due to an upset stomach. We pulled into a parking lot with a few rundown buildings - I was thankful that I had on Conti 4-Season Gatorskins because of all the glass that covered the parking lot. Our bikes were unloaded and we were pointed in the general direction of where we would be picked up again. Ben claimed: it is only 4-miles down the road! As we sprinted down the highway I noticed 4, 5, 6, 7 miles tick by on my Garmin. Then - we quickly approached a big green highways sign that read "Bombay Beach 8 mi" - in my head I thought 'are you f*cking kidding me?" - my legs were failing quickly. I had climbed part of the tram and Palms to Pines prior followed by hoping on my bike for the Salton Sea leg of the shoot. I was tired. Emily, our amazing photographer, was able to see the pain on my face and quickly instructed me to jump behind the van for a tow. Ah, I can breath again...

Then, it was time to get real again. Time to hop in a pace line and make it to Bombay Beach. I wasn't the only one that was in pain & tired - everyone there was. Eventually we approached the "WELCOME TO BOMBAY BEACH" sign. I was relieved - honestly. We rode through the outskirts of town, and came upon a gate which lead to the water. We followed it - my intermountainbike lover came out as I jetted off sharp hills and climbed up vertical walls of dirt. A moment of happiness exploded from my legs as I played around like a little kid. 

Salton Sea? CHECK! 
So, this adventure kicked even that much more butt because I was able to experience the Salton Sea on my bike! Being able to complete by SoCal Bucket List via bike makes the end result that much better.

Once we loaded back up into the car I called my mom, I called my boyfriend and I called my best friend - I told them all that I had finally been to the Salton Sea!

With "winter" upon us now in Southern California it is high-time to check some more hot weathered destinations off the list. I can't wait!

Sending Love from SoCal!



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