Onward & Upward

28 for 28

I love routine, and honestly depend on it. Well, this year has been nothing close to routine - and I have learned a lot about myself. I have realized that I am an organized nomad, that really just wants a place to call home. Thus, allowing everything else to fall into place. I was told by a handful of my older friends that 27 is rough - well, after spending 365 days as a twenty-seven year old...I concur. And, perhaps the word rough is an understatement.

I now realize that my ideal evening - is sitting alone, with a candle, music and some wine. Not out galavanting from bar-to-bar. My bank account loves me, as do my feet from sans-heels every day. 

So, not everything about 27 was bad - Like I said before, it was a big learning year - so I figured I would summarize my 8765.81 hours adventure:

  • I consumed more lattes, breakfast burritos and bagels than a small army - aka I learned that I LOVE breakfast. 
  • Rode bikes & had drinks with Cavendish - not once, but twice! 
  • Tried to force myself to do push-ups & sit-ups everyday - that lasted about two weeks. 
  • Found my calling for trail running - however, I only run when I don't have time to ride.
  • Saw my dad 4 times this year! Christmas, Random Weekend in February,  Easter, and Memorial weekend.
  • Found the perfect Joshua Tree....in Joshua Tree. 
  • Consequently, I went to Palm Springs twice - I even saw the Cazabon Dinosaurs. 
  • Went to my first (and last) NFL game. 
  • Juiced multiple times - decided that it was making me fat. But, beet juice is mah fav! 
  • Went to Grass Valley, CA -  I have now visited 6 different wine sectors of California 
  • Have ridden well over 4,500+ miles on my road bike
  • Bought a new mountain bike - I am ready to sell it already. Any takers? 
  • Was united with Ingrid, the SportsWagen - I am so in love with her
  • Started seeing a chiropractor - he's the best. 
  • Said Goodbye to Syd - She was my faithful companion of a Jeep with 260,000 miles. 
  • Was named to the Rapha Ambassador Team - This has been completely life changing, and amazing. 
  • Stayed in the house where Germany's next top model was filmed - I am no model though. 
  • Fell in-love with my Trek Domane 5.2 - dubbed Delilah 
  • Went to Joshua Tree - Found an adventure partner that I absolutely adore
  • Have had 4 ear infections -yes, this is still a problem
  • Realized I do indeed like tomatoes if prepared the right way- this is me maturing
  • Was a part of 2 photo shoots for GLOBAL campaigns - a-w-e-s-o-m-e! 
  • Said goodbye to a partner in crime - people change, and go in different directions
  • Went skiing - it was f*cking awesome! 
  • Got an Instagram account - became an addict. 
  • Rode in 2 Gran Fondo's - each being 100+ miles, and I won one of the GRM's for my age
  • Competed in my second Rapha Gentlemen's race - the other one I did was my last day of 26 y/o. 
  • Have had major crushes on 3 guys - all extremely nice. Tall, athletic and brunette.
  • Went to NYC for my first time - itching to go back! 
  • One of the most amazing bosses I've ever had left the company I worked for - bummed. 
  • Found a new rad boyfriend - he plays guitar, rides bikes and cooks - Swoon!! 
  • Went to Ohio - impulse trip, and I had a BLAST! 
  • Realized I like R&B - yikes...
  • Found a really great group of new friends - I still have the old ones, and love them just as much
  • Went to Crested Butte and one my first BIG GIRL vacation - counting down the days until I go back. 
  • Had a gnocchi off - I still think I won.
  • Became an avid camper, okay this is still happening - but - I am trying to embrace it! 
  • Saw Vail Resorts donate a boatload of money towards ALS - words cannot even express the happiness and thankfulness. 
  • Realized that I am a nomadic-soul.
  • Ate caribou - TWICE! But, I still embrace my inner-veggy love. 
  • Finally, went on a boat on Lake Tahoe - after all those years of living there. 
  • I have read 18+ books on my kindle - that was still the best gift I ever received! 
I am sure there are so many other neat things and learning experiences that I had throughout 27 that I am forgetting (even though I keep a journal). Really looking forward to what 28 has in-store for me - it has to be good...

Sending Love from SoCal - 


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