The Bike That Started It All

The day before Thanksgiving, everyone rushes out of the office oddly early. I found myself staying until 4 pm deliberating if I wanted to pull another financial report, or wait until Monday. 
Earlier in the day, my mother had text me to tell me she got a new bike - matter of fact - the same bike that I currently ride thanks to Trek, a Domane 5.2 (whom I have dubbed Delilah) - her excitement about the new bike made me finally decide to close my computer and hit the road on two wheels [recently, I was told I needed to give my legs some time off - however - my brain has a hard time being on the same page].


I was eighteen when I got my first road bike. It was a graduation gift from my dad - the ultra athletic, handsome, dark haired man that was seen riding his bike all over the small ski-towns we call 'home' while I was growing up.

I remember be excited about the bike; I had only four my love for two-wheel 18 short months before when my mom tossed me on a mountain bike. I have to admit, I may have set my expectations a little too high and was thinking I was going to get a new car...which would ultimately make me the coolest kid in my freshmen class at college, while...neither of those things happened - instead - I had a road bike, a car that wouldn't start, and I was lost in a sea of confused college kids trying to find themselves.

The Cannondale sat in my storage unit for almost an entire year in Reno, packed neatly along side my newly acquired downhill bike and my cross-country bike. My best friend Casey and I shared the unit, we always talked a big game about going out for a road ride - I think that happened once our freshman year. Eventually the bike made the trek back to Colorado with me for the summer, and I decided to give it a try. I found out that some of the girls I was racing XC against were spending more time on road than dirt. I learned how to change a flat, and the benefits of having a few different front rings.

The bike came back to school with me, and soon I found myself riding every weekend with my dad. He would take me to the bottom of well renown climbs in the Tahoe area and essentially say See you at the top. Now, to me this meant only one thing...I HAD to be the first one to the top. That Cannondale carried me swiftly up numerous climbs - that bike also made me realize my love for this weird idea of road biking. In my mind, I was far too young and attractive to be riding a road bike. 

The bike was this weird green; the shade didn't match anything. To make matters worst, I had a red helmet and a yellow Marmot rain coat that was 2 sizes too big - so I looked like a Christmas fanatic 365 days a year. All I remember, was this bike had ultergra and that was a big f*cking deal ( however this term meant nothing to me, because I didn't squat about gear and components)! 

The day finally came, where it was time to trade in my trusted Cannondale R500. I can't remember when I sold it - or who I sold it to, hopefully it found a good home. I think graduated to a carbon road bike - a Scott CR1. But, that is a entirely different story...

Sending Love,



Onward & Upward

28 for 28

I love routine, and honestly depend on it. Well, this year has been nothing close to routine - and I have learned a lot about myself. I have realized that I am an organized nomad, that really just wants a place to call home. Thus, allowing everything else to fall into place. I was told by a handful of my older friends that 27 is rough - well, after spending 365 days as a twenty-seven year old...I concur. And, perhaps the word rough is an understatement.

I now realize that my ideal evening - is sitting alone, with a candle, music and some wine. Not out galavanting from bar-to-bar. My bank account loves me, as do my feet from sans-heels every day. 

So, not everything about 27 was bad - Like I said before, it was a big learning year - so I figured I would summarize my 8765.81 hours adventure:

  • I consumed more lattes, breakfast burritos and bagels than a small army - aka I learned that I LOVE breakfast. 
  • Rode bikes & had drinks with Cavendish - not once, but twice! 
  • Tried to force myself to do push-ups & sit-ups everyday - that lasted about two weeks. 
  • Found my calling for trail running - however, I only run when I don't have time to ride.
  • Saw my dad 4 times this year! Christmas, Random Weekend in February,  Easter, and Memorial weekend.
  • Found the perfect Joshua Tree....in Joshua Tree. 
  • Consequently, I went to Palm Springs twice - I even saw the Cazabon Dinosaurs. 
  • Went to my first (and last) NFL game. 
  • Juiced multiple times - decided that it was making me fat. But, beet juice is mah fav! 
  • Went to Grass Valley, CA -  I have now visited 6 different wine sectors of California 
  • Have ridden well over 4,500+ miles on my road bike
  • Bought a new mountain bike - I am ready to sell it already. Any takers? 
  • Was united with Ingrid, the SportsWagen - I am so in love with her
  • Started seeing a chiropractor - he's the best. 
  • Said Goodbye to Syd - She was my faithful companion of a Jeep with 260,000 miles. 
  • Was named to the Rapha Ambassador Team - This has been completely life changing, and amazing. 
  • Stayed in the house where Germany's next top model was filmed - I am no model though. 
  • Fell in-love with my Trek Domane 5.2 - dubbed Delilah 
  • Went to Joshua Tree - Found an adventure partner that I absolutely adore
  • Have had 4 ear infections -yes, this is still a problem
  • Realized I do indeed like tomatoes if prepared the right way- this is me maturing
  • Was a part of 2 photo shoots for GLOBAL campaigns - a-w-e-s-o-m-e! 
  • Said goodbye to a partner in crime - people change, and go in different directions
  • Went skiing - it was f*cking awesome! 
  • Got an Instagram account - became an addict. 
  • Rode in 2 Gran Fondo's - each being 100+ miles, and I won one of the GRM's for my age
  • Competed in my second Rapha Gentlemen's race - the other one I did was my last day of 26 y/o. 
  • Have had major crushes on 3 guys - all extremely nice. Tall, athletic and brunette.
  • Went to NYC for my first time - itching to go back! 
  • One of the most amazing bosses I've ever had left the company I worked for - bummed. 
  • Found a new rad boyfriend - he plays guitar, rides bikes and cooks - Swoon!! 
  • Went to Ohio - impulse trip, and I had a BLAST! 
  • Realized I like R&B - yikes...
  • Found a really great group of new friends - I still have the old ones, and love them just as much
  • Went to Crested Butte and one my first BIG GIRL vacation - counting down the days until I go back. 
  • Had a gnocchi off - I still think I won.
  • Became an avid camper, okay this is still happening - but - I am trying to embrace it! 
  • Saw Vail Resorts donate a boatload of money towards ALS - words cannot even express the happiness and thankfulness. 
  • Realized that I am a nomadic-soul.
  • Ate caribou - TWICE! But, I still embrace my inner-veggy love. 
  • Finally, went on a boat on Lake Tahoe - after all those years of living there. 
  • I have read 18+ books on my kindle - that was still the best gift I ever received! 
I am sure there are so many other neat things and learning experiences that I had throughout 27 that I am forgetting (even though I keep a journal). Really looking forward to what 28 has in-store for me - it has to be good...

Sending Love from SoCal -