The Best Damn Denim

I have a huge issue...finding denim that fits. I have these gigantic muscular thighs from cycling, and an oddly - non proportional teeny waist compared to the thunder quads.When I do find denim, generally it costs an arm & a leg - and tends to only last a year or two. Hence the reason I have such a small pant collection. Morning always consist of the pants-dance, and generally by the end of the day my denim has completely lost all shape and elasticity making my ass go from fab...to...well...eh. The waistband never sits on my waist, because I have to go up in size to accommodate my legs, so, I am constantly pulling them up. Yes...I know I could consider sporting a belt - BUT - in my opinion, belts are for boys and people playing golf.

Have you ever tried to ride a bike with jeans on? I don't know how all those hip hipsters do it, and do it comfortably. What I have experiences is those low-cut designer jeans look the opposite of awesome when you have your undies hanging out and the button cutting into your stomach, super attractive, NOT - What about when that nice white saddle on your city bike all the sudden acquires a hint of blue dye - complements of your denim...Aaarrrrhhh so frustrating. Come on, you have to know what I am talking about!

Well, for all the cycling bb's out there get excited! Rapha has released the BEST DAMN WOMEN'S DENIM. Seriously - these pants are out of control amazing. They fit like a dream, I honestly don't want to ever take them off. Hey Boys that have been able to wear Rapha denim for a few years now, I don't think you realize how lucky you were!

The women's denim is a skinny cut jean, that has a phenomenal stretch - no, they do not look like jeggings. The back was designed to sit like a mid-rise, no more undie incidents. The denim comes in two colors: blue & black - both colors have hi-vis (neon pink) pipping in the inside - similar to the gentleman's jeans. They look super awesome with the cuff rolled up a touch. The blue has has a reflective logo on the inside of the leg, that can be seen when rolled up. The waist actually fits, and the legs actually accommodate my cycling physique.  They fit pretty darn true to size - no need to do the pants dance, in the morning, although it tends to happen out of habit. You can wear these time and time again, without them losing shape, so, yes your butt is always looking fantastic! 

My opinion? They are worth every penny.

Sending Love from SoCal,


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