Rapha, Braver Than The Elements Ride - Orange County :: CA

On December 20th, 2014 - I will be leading a ride from the beautiful little Southern California beach town of Laguna to the Marine Corps Base gates of Camp Pendleton.

We will be rolling out around 8:30 am, from the Crank Brothers office - and riding as a group the entire time. We will head South and do a warmup spin up Bluebird Canyon, and then head South on PCH. Most of the route will steer clear from cars, however, keep in mind this is Southern California and we will never be able to full escape auto traffic - we will have the opportunity to stop and enjoy some snacks and/or coffee in the San Clemente area. The pace will be mellow, so if you want to mash this isn't the ride for you. Sorry! Don't get my wrong, I absolutely adore riding with men and checking them out while they are sporting spandex - this is a women's ride...the more ponytails, and fancily painted fingernails the better!

Trek will have their demo fleet available to checkout and even test out during our easy 60 mile coastal adventure. Other amazing companies are going to be pitching in too - including Fizik Women's Team Velocita riders will be pedaling along side us.

You can check out the route here: Rapha SoCal Braver Than The Elements Ride

Please make sure that you RSVP by visiting the Rapha BTTE site, Click here, and chose the Orange County ride - which is lead by me: Elizabeth Bud Reeder!

Keep an eye on my Instagram for any updates: @ereederreadsanereader (yes, that says: E Reeder reads an E Reader...Nerd alert: I love my Kindle). 

Feel free to ask questions, directly - or by visiting the BTTE facebook page: Rapha BTTE Facebook

Please keep in mind this is about a 60 mile ride, there will be roughly 2500 feet of climbing and we will be riding on major roads in Orange County. You will need to bring your own supplies: water, food and any spare parts you deem important. A helmet is absolutely required and sunscreen isn't a bad idea either!

If you are reading this, and NOT in Southern California - don't fret! There are rides all across the US lead by other Rapha Ambassadors and local shops- if there is not one in your area, you can register a ride on the site.

Sending Love from SoCal!



So-Cal Bucket List, Bubble Gum Alley :: San Louis Obispo

We write our epitaphs on walls with gum,
And though it may be meaningless to some,
We have a symbol of our gummy youth,
Whose walls may not tell some glorious truth,
But eloquently speak of better times,
Of cruising, shopping sprees, and nursery rhymes.
If gum is all you see upon our wall,
Your mind is closed, your spirit shrunk and small,
Though memories of youth may never last,
Gum Alley is our present to our past.”
—“M”, Arroyo Grande, Pieper, Don. "An Ode to Gum Alley." Telegram- Tribune 30, Apr 1986

I have driven through San Louis Obispo a few times since I moved to California. Never really finding the time to stop for longer than 5-minutes at a gas station. Knowing that I am not staying in Southern California forever, I started a list YEARS ago with my friend Pierce dubbed 'SoCal Bucket list'. Both being new to the concrete city - we came up with local destinations that we deemed appropriate to visit during our time in Los Angles. Our first trip was California City, CA. It was weird and totally creepy. Most of these bucket list adventures are looped into a 48-Hour adventure - but - sometimes they are wild enough to deserve their own post.

Over the years I have added on to the list, which now features not only SoCal destinations - but a plethora of different places I need to stop up and down the state. Some...even go as far as Mexico (hello, I need to try authentic tacos).

On a recent 48-Hour adventure (which was really 72 hours) - Adam suggested that actually stop in SLO and I can visit Bubble Gum Alley. For about the last 8 months Adam has been a great adventure companion - essentially letting me drag him to random locations that I NEED to visit.

So, with two pieces of BubbleYum slyly tucked away in my pocket we park the car and adventured down Higuera St for the infamous wall. A group of decked out motorcyclists stood covering the entrance - squawking about how disgusting the alley was. Once I had the opportunity to slide in past them I took it, and quickly agreed with the motorcyclist that that alley is gross - but so cool to see! After pacing up and down the alley a few times - trying to decipher the different gum art, notes and designs on the wall I pulled out the BubbleYum - so that Adam and I could leave our mark.

After doing a little world wide web clicking, one can quickly realize how controversial this stick alley actually is. No one really seems to know when it started, and why. It has been cleaned a few times, but, then the process always starts again and the alley is quickly covered again in various chewing gum flavors.

So, next time you are in SLO and you feel like leaving your mark head into downtown and look for the alley!

Sending Love from SoCal,


The Best Damn Denim

I have a huge issue...finding denim that fits. I have these gigantic muscular thighs from cycling, and an oddly - non proportional teeny waist compared to the thunder quads.When I do find denim, generally it costs an arm & a leg - and tends to only last a year or two. Hence the reason I have such a small pant collection. Morning always consist of the pants-dance, and generally by the end of the day my denim has completely lost all shape and elasticity making my ass go from fab...to...well...eh. The waistband never sits on my waist, because I have to go up in size to accommodate my legs, so, I am constantly pulling them up. Yes...I know I could consider sporting a belt - BUT - in my opinion, belts are for boys and people playing golf.

Have you ever tried to ride a bike with jeans on? I don't know how all those hip hipsters do it, and do it comfortably. What I have experiences is those low-cut designer jeans look the opposite of awesome when you have your undies hanging out and the button cutting into your stomach, super attractive, NOT - What about when that nice white saddle on your city bike all the sudden acquires a hint of blue dye - complements of your denim...Aaarrrrhhh so frustrating. Come on, you have to know what I am talking about!

Well, for all the cycling bb's out there get excited! Rapha has released the BEST DAMN WOMEN'S DENIM. Seriously - these pants are out of control amazing. They fit like a dream, I honestly don't want to ever take them off. Hey Boys that have been able to wear Rapha denim for a few years now, I don't think you realize how lucky you were!

The women's denim is a skinny cut jean, that has a phenomenal stretch - no, they do not look like jeggings. The back was designed to sit like a mid-rise, no more undie incidents. The denim comes in two colors: blue & black - both colors have hi-vis (neon pink) pipping in the inside - similar to the gentleman's jeans. They look super awesome with the cuff rolled up a touch. The blue has has a reflective logo on the inside of the leg, that can be seen when rolled up. The waist actually fits, and the legs actually accommodate my cycling physique.  They fit pretty darn true to size - no need to do the pants dance, in the morning, although it tends to happen out of habit. You can wear these time and time again, without them losing shape, so, yes your butt is always looking fantastic! 

My opinion? They are worth every penny.

Sending Love from SoCal,




Sylvan Esso - Play it Right
(This makes me want to dance)

Sylvan Esso - Coffee

Sylvan Esso - Hey Mami

Henri Pfr - Even Though I'm A Woman
(So into this song right now!)


RGR, Boulder Edition Update

Remember back in July when I did another one of those crazy-long endurance/emotion filled Gentlemen's Races? Well - Rapha, recently posted the video. Check it out when you have a second, by click the link below:


Sending Love,


I'm Fondo-ing

This summer I have logged some serious miles on faithful little Delilah the Domane (close to 3K since that overcast March day that we were united in El Aye). We have rode countless asphalt miles - a few hundred on dirt, and had not near enough rest days. In between my Rapha adventures Delilah and I got into this Gran Fondo funk with Fizik's Velocita team.

What is a Gran Fondo?! Honestly, it was fairly new terminology to me until a year or two ago. I just knew it was a really long ride. For some reason it really never came across as an interest - maybe because I thought it would encompass too much competitiveness (Yes, I Elizabeth just said that...too much competitiveness). I have had the opportunity to participate in both the Gran Fondo Italia in Aspen and in Beverly Hills (maybe Miami too?). So far both of the Fondos have been extremely different - from the courses, to the number of participates, the weather, to the SAG and the GMRs. And, as I sit here typing...I am still confused as to what a Gran Fondo really is. Is it a race? Is it a ride?

So, essentially there are two different distances you can chose from - they tend to be about 50 and 100ish miles. The last two I have done, I have opted towards 100 - once because I had nothing else to do that day, and then the next because I was basically talked into it (I was told I could have anything I wanted if I won - I got second. Shoot!) 100 miles is a cinch. There are normally a few hundred people at the start line - the energy is always buzzing. There is SAG support the entire way - those PB&J's washed down with a coke can be a lifesaver at about mile 80. There are pace cars, and motor cops to keep you safe.  You see everything from pro racers to people on city cruisers - a true array. You can treat the distance as a simple ride, or you can treat it as a race. In the two I have participated in - there has been a KOM (or, in my world...a QOM - Queen of the Mountain/GMR section). This is a hill climb, that you are actually timed up, and the winner is handsomely rewarded - my reward? A beautiful white Kask Vertigo helmet.  This reward came from climbing Piuma - a grade that I have never managed to adventure up during my rides in Malibu.

There is an expo at the event, and normally you leave the event with a bunch of neat free stuff, like Fizik Bartape a bottle of wine, etc. There are beautiful bikes all over the place - Colnago's with custom paint colors that have been intricately built. You can get a glimpse of the new kicks and duds and gadgets for various companies. Bruce Hildenbrand's voice of excitement rings over the speakers - as he warmly greets the finishing riders and fellow friends. When you cross the finish line after pushing through your 50/100 miles you are handed fancy little metal with the Gran Fondo Italia logo on it, as a photographer rushes up to you to get a photo before the next rider rolls across the finish line - nothing like looking completely exhausted.   Reloading all those carbs you burnt is part of the event - the day comes to a close with a large pasta party - I highly suggest accompanying your pasta with some type of alcoholic beverage, clearly because you want to quickly regain those carbohydrates. If you are lucky, and are a VIP, you start off the event a day early with a gala - nothing like bike talk, photographers, appetizers and a lot of red wine prior to adventuring out on your bike for 100 miles - somehow, I have successfully completed this twice...the key? Eat breakfast - find coffee. 

Chances are, there will be some people at the start line that are determined to win. What they are trying to win? Still not sure - maybe a Strava record. There is a small group of pro racers, that will make you realize you are not in-fact fast. You will probably go back and forth with other riders, while trying to establish your pace. You'll stop, you'll have mechanical issues - if you don't  you are one lucky individual - at a mere 110 pounds I am the queen of flats. During the last Fondo I did, around mile 80 I asked myself 'why are you doing this?' - then I remembered it is because I absolutely love being on my bike, and absolutely love pushing myself to the limit.

Fon-do or fon-don't. The best part by far, it crossing the line, taking a shower and stuffing your face with food.

Sending Love,