Ice Bucket Gone Rouge.

To Everyone that Called Me Out on the Ice Bucket Challenge: 

Here is an Oakley rendition of the #ALSIceBucketChallenge - thank you to everyone who came out and supported/donated to #ALS today through the Slurpee Challenge. It was a wonderful surprise - I think the world of all of you.

To put it simply, this disease sucks - so far there is no real cure. To date all the Ice Bucket Challenges have collectively raised $111.6m. That's huge!

So, maybe save yourself that $5 Starbucks or lunch run to Del Taco or Wahoos! (note to self: don't buy a bottle of wine and donate!) this week and visit www.alsa.org and make a quick donation - a little bit goes a tremendously long way.

Remember to cherish life - get off the couch and move your body. Run. Bike. Walk - don't take breathing for granted. Take time to give people hugs, and tell those close to you how much you love them.

Okay, so truth be told...Adam got me with a bucket of ice the other night while exiting the shower. Win, win. 

I have a video too - however, it is too long for Instagram and I am crying most of the way through it. However, if you would like to see it...e-mail this lil baybay. 

Sending love and well wishing to all, 


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