Use it & Abuse it: THANK YOU!

One of my favorite phrases, aside from 'at least I am not normal' - is THANK YOU.

It is one of the most simplistic, non-costly gifts you can give a person. You know how they say that smiling is contagious? Well, NEWSFLASH so is saying thank you. When you utter the words you can completely turn someones day around - you are acknowledging them. And, at the end of the day...we all just want to be acknowledged. 

We are human, we thrive off acknowledgement.

Seriously, the only reason we do half the s**t we do is to that other people around us see what we are doing/impress others. How boring would we be if we just sat in our rooms all day and didn't interface with anyone? Let me tell you, I already get bored alone so I can only imagine...no bikes? Yikes! 

The other day, I was interviewed for a new-hire video - one of the pieces of advice I honestly gave was: make baked goods, walk around the office. Hand those cookies, cupcakes, brownies or whatever confection-esque treat you have made out to people and introduce yourself - with a smile. (essentially the same idea as saying thank you, you are acknowledging the person - chances are, sometime down the road they will remember you and another round of thank yous and you're welcomes will be exchanged). Secret of the day: baked goods...well, normally - a strong Microsoft and Adobe skill set around the office tend to help too :)  

I think I have thank you vomit (or perhaps it is just passive-aggressiveness, which is only a new characteristic that I have acquired and to tell you the truth: I don't really like it) - sometimes I just feel like I need to tell the person that I am hanging out with thank you. Most of the time the reaction is funny - the person you are thanking is normally completely thrown off. But, really...why not just randomly thank someone - or - even compliment them?

Today was a perfect example, I received an e-mail from several dynamic women that I spent some time on bikes with over the weekend. Everyone was thanking each other for the company, the skill and technical abilities that we all brought, the energy, the friendships and handwork. It was an amazing chain to read - it was like glitter bursting off the screen. Is this real?!

Send a thank you in the mail...yes, the mail with a stamp - even handwritten. Send a thank you e-mail, or a text...hey, better yet - just call the person! Think about how amazing you feel when someone says thank you to you. If you don't get that warm fuzzy special feeling, maybe you need to slow down and take in what is going on around you.

Trust me, the last thing you want is for someone to do countless efforts of kindness - and then not to be thanked.

With all this being said, thank your for reading my rant. Please remember to tell the people around you and that do stuff for your thank you - it REALLY could just change their day.

Sending Love from SoCal,


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