A Word About Adventure

A word about Adventure:

Yesterday I was told I was "half type-A personality; half gypsy". 
I then realized the gypsy in me has been deprived lately; scaling and slithering through the concrete desert of Orange County. Holed up in a room that doesn't feel like home, or playing desk jockey (which is oddly the only comforting thing I can find). 
This gypsy wants adventure, this gypsy wants to feel valuable, find confirmation, and most importantly feel loved. I have not even felt remotely close to myself - no giggles, no bouncing off the walls-full of energy, no interest in a really long ride, no urge to check things of the SoCal Bucket List 2.0. 

So, I have come to the conclusion (with a little help from some very influential folks): 
We cannot let other peoples decisions limit us. They are their decisions. One must not substitute doing, for being. 

With that being said, I let my nervous-searching-for-a-purpose-self come out of its shell today - bought a ticket to the Mid-West in search of something new for the weekend. This will be the essence of a 48-hour adventure - hopefully I will have some good words to share here, time to get budreeder.com rolling again. 

Until then, be smart and safe this weekend. 

Sending Love, 


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