The Calling

People can spend a lift time trying to figure out what their calling is. I guess you could say that I am only of the lucky few that discovered mine a handful of years ago, biking. It didn't come easily, I almost had to be force fed the sport, you know the saying mandatory fun? Then, it clicked skinny tires, knobby tires, out of this world suspension bikes, bikes on a trainer, cruiser with a craft beer in hand you name it - if it has anything to do with a bike I am in.
I have been given one of the most amazing opportunities to work with Rapha, along with 13 other talented women of cycling to create the team they call their Ambassadors. I will be spending the year on an adventure dedicating towards bringing more attention towards women's cycling, all while kicking ass on a bike. The challenges will be plentiful - the adventure will be insane, and make for good stories years from now. This is away for me to get back in touch with the my old racing self and promote a sport I feel so passionately about. It is an absolute honor to be riding with these 13 other women from all over the United States (and Canada too!).
Our team will be supported along the way by a handful of other amazing companies: TrekSkratch Labs and of course Oakley.
I am planning on sharing my adventures via my blog - so you'll be able to tune in and see what is going on in my world of cycling.
This adventure starts this weekend as we gather together in sunny California. Looking forward to sharing The Calling.

Check out Rapha's blog too: http://pages.rapha.cc/events/the-calling

Sending Love from SoCal,


  1. Excited to read about your adventure with Rapha! I just got my first pair of bike shoes and pedals and am heading out for my first ride :-)

    1. I am so excited to hear about this Ashley! On July 20th there is something called the Womens 100, there will be a group up in your neck of the woods doing it, you should try to join! I will post more information soon - Congrats on the bike!!!