Current Flexibility Level: zilch

Flashback 2003: My favorite thing, mandatory fun - something Crested Butte Academy always hit the nail on the head with; however instead of driving the nail straight and to the point - it would go all cockeyed and a pain-in-the-ass. Make sense? This idea of fun consisted of gathering a gaggle of high school athletes inside our multipurpose room (aka the lunch room) and having us practice yoga. I was horrible at it - with my track record of wrist issues - I all the sudden became the master of sitting on my mat, giggling and watching others contort themselves into silly positions with names I cannot even come close to pronouncing - come on, I barely even made it through Spanish 1, you expect me to know the names and pronunciations of this crap? Me + yoga, no way. At that point I wanted stick to conventional stretching, being an iron pumping masochist in the gym, and focus all my energy on skiing and NOT messing up my wrists more. This soon would be a good leeway into coming up with ideas to avoid riding my bike, as they say on social media:  #idiot. I guess that would soon change...

Flash forward 2014, setting: Million dollar Malibu Mansion. 4 pm yoga : instant connection to my past experiences of mandatory fun - immediately I thought to myself 'how can I get out of this one….' - blame my wrists? Then, my new mantra of trying new things and not saying 'no', snuck back into my head. Little did I know, I was not the only non-yoga enthusiast that was in the group - my current flexibility level: zilch. Grab a towel, head towards the back of the lawn - do that disappearing act I've become so go with, perhaps I have a future as a star in the Hunger Games. My skill? Camouflaging myself - bam! However, as I started to get into the zone - I realized there was no need to sneak away, it was time to enjoy this experience, time to become open to more opportunities and turn this into something that will help me grow as a person and as an athlete. 

Okay, so honestly? I think I LOVE yoga. The movements, the strengthening, the stretching - why didn't I actually commit to trying this earlier?! Okay, so the weird names of poses - not down with. Being slightly more contorted by a stranger, errmmmm…

I will admit, I was slightly nervous when we started doing stuff around the neck - nursing this neck injury back to normal has really had a pretty dramatic impact of my lifestyle, the last thing I wanted to do was agitate it again - so it turns out it is OKAY to not do the things that irritate your bodyI honestly will admit, I didn't know if that was really kosher. 

I think I realized that this mandatory fun wasn't that bad when I saw everyone out there. Everyone shaking as they tried to corral all the strength they had left after our morning ride and stand like a tree. Then realizing that I was not the only non-flexiable one - with horrible balance. Yes, being a cyclist and a skier I have horrible balance - no really, it is horrible! The laughter and smiles seemed plentiful as we all peeked around to see what our other teammates were doing. Why didn't I commit to this before?! Time to start taking advantage of free yoga classes at work twice a week. I also learned my yoga pants and capris are necessary during an activity such as this, sorry Lulu but the Speedshort did not suffice.

I find myself sitting around putting my hands together in the shape of a lotus now, if I could only find away to dig out of the mud…

Sending Love from SoCal -



The Calling

People can spend a lift time trying to figure out what their calling is. I guess you could say that I am only of the lucky few that discovered mine a handful of years ago, biking. It didn't come easily, I almost had to be force fed the sport, you know the saying mandatory fun? Then, it clicked skinny tires, knobby tires, out of this world suspension bikes, bikes on a trainer, cruiser with a craft beer in hand you name it - if it has anything to do with a bike I am in.
I have been given one of the most amazing opportunities to work with Rapha, along with 13 other talented women of cycling to create the team they call their Ambassadors. I will be spending the year on an adventure dedicating towards bringing more attention towards women's cycling, all while kicking ass on a bike. The challenges will be plentiful - the adventure will be insane, and make for good stories years from now. This is away for me to get back in touch with the my old racing self and promote a sport I feel so passionately about. It is an absolute honor to be riding with these 13 other women from all over the United States (and Canada too!).
Our team will be supported along the way by a handful of other amazing companies: TrekSkratch Labs and of course Oakley.
I am planning on sharing my adventures via my blog - so you'll be able to tune in and see what is going on in my world of cycling.
This adventure starts this weekend as we gather together in sunny California. Looking forward to sharing The Calling.

Check out Rapha's blog too: http://pages.rapha.cc/events/the-calling

Sending Love from SoCal,


Personal Gold

"Please come up tomorrow. I want to take you a movie premiere in Hollywood about a group of lady track cyclists, who won silver in 2012. Red carpet. We need to look gud" - send Friday 11:30. 

"I don't have shoes…I have a ride right now too"

"Please don't kill yourself…so you can come tonight"

"Okay, I found shoes…see you at 6"

KittyMeowMeow (otherwise known as Kit) has become one of my favorite adventure pals. We have embarked on some pretty frenetic feats since introduced in 2011; I'll admit it we make quite the dynamic duo. Normally, when he invites me to something I know it will be a good time. Even if it is just riding bikes…

Okay, so Friday night. I am sitting on my couch, drinking wine - climbing into bed EXTRA earlier in preparation for a long ride on Saturday. At 11:30 I received the above text message, of course I would't see it until Saturday. Sometimes I think our relationship is solely based on last minute ideas - because let's just say Saturday sure was a last minute idea, com'mon you can't tell a girl the word red carpet and expect her to be ready in sub 8-hours. Well, I pulled it off…barely. 

So, what was this red carpet all about? Well, actually…it was about a documentary that is honestly one of the most inspiring films I have EVER seen. I am so thankful that I was able to see a screening of this video, and can only hope that millions of eyes will eventually see it via film festivals, DVD, digital media, etc.

Personal Gold, is a documentary of the trials and triumphs of Sarah Hammer, Jennie Reed &  Dotsie Bausch's  (as well as alternate rider Lauren Tamayo) on their way to the 2012 London Summer Olympics. With Hammer, Reed and Bausch all coming from various types of skinny tired sports, you are able to see the dynamic relationship that is created both on and off the track.  It shares these ladies personal stories that ultimately lead to their silver medal success at the London VeloPark. Funding, coaches, mechanics, doctors? Who needs it…when you have supportive and loving husbands, such as these women, and a handful of people willing to dedicate endless hours to see these ladies progress in the sport. I said it before, and I will say it again…this is honestly one of the most inspiring sports documentaries that I have EVER seen - I have never sat in front of a screen and actually gotten chills from how real the experience was. If  you have the chance to see this movie, I highly suggest it. 

Jennie, Kit and Myself
After the premier, we trotted ourselves down to Stella Barra for the 2014 Babe Awards. Okay, stop what you're thinking….although the place was filled with women dressed to the 9s - the gathering was in honor of Babe Didrikson, a true pioneer to women's involvement in the Olympics. A dozen Olympic athletes joined the festivities, making the night truly memorable. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jennie and Kit, it was great! To hear all the buzzing about cycling, and see how the excitement that everyone had on their faces throughout the night. 

As Kit & I left the awards, and stood outside waiting for our ride to arrive I admitted that I would love to try track riding. Kit, full of excitement said: oh my god, you would be perfect! You are tiny and really aggressive. So, who knows - maybe I will be kicking it at a track sometime soon…there is no doubt in my mind that it would be a great experience! 

Sending Love from SoCal!