Projections for a Project.

Today, I woke up and realized the ONLY thing I had to do was go ride my bike (and that I need to figure out my car situation) - not a bad realization to wake up to on a Saturday. 

I like to think that some of my best ideas come to me while I am on my bike. When I am out there I can either turn my brain of completely and decompress, and/or it give me time to think (insert: about some of the most wacky stuff on earth). 

Most of the time I spend my time trying to figure out if I have executed my life plan/goals appropriately.  I think about past and present events. I think about things that I have said, my filter has not been appropriately working lately - so I am word vomiting all over the place (aka saying whatever I want to whomever I want). One of the most reoccurring thoughts that goes through my head when I am riding, is if the fortune teller that I saw when I was 15 years old will actually be right….yes…I think about that.  It it wasn't for Phil Esposito giving me $10 to go see the fortune teller during a class trip to Georgetown the thoughts that run through my head currently would be pretty lame. 

So, today… I had this great idea to start a project. I already paint, create, sketch, color, sew, bake - this project is a little different. I am challenging myself to take a headshot - or a selfie, if you will -  once a month (preferably towards the beginning of the month). I got the idea from fishing around the endless blogs that pop up on Pinterest - it seems like new parents tend to do it with their kids all the time. I thought, heck - why can't I do that? I am at a very interesting point of my twenty-somethings, so it will be neat to see how my physical appearance changes through the ups and downs of life. Maybe after a year of keeping track of what I look like, I can put the idea that I am starting to get crows feet to rest…

I have been contemplating this idea for a while now, or I should say something similar to this. Luckily, I was able to gather 3 images so far (December, January and February). I am convinced that the best part of this record is going to be my hair - today I have a serious case of lions-mane. 

First of all, have you ever taken a selfie?

A week ago my higher-up sent out a the Dove Selfie Campaign to all the women in my department, I watched it - thought about it - told a few people about it - the norm (video above).  Now, I am realizing that maybe this idea for my little project was fueled a little more by watching this video. I am not a fan of taking selfies, honestly, I don't even know if my project/idea even qualifies as that - anyways, the content above is pretty interesting. If I can learn from any one person in particular about taking selfies, it would be my little sister. She is the queen of taking photos of herself. It takes a special amount of confidence to snap a photo and be proud of it, so…kudos to her. Seriously. 

Okay - so hopefully I can remember to take a picture. Looking forward to sharing! 

Sending Love from SoCal. 

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