I Ain't No...

…sleeping beauty. I am a stomach sleeping star fishing blanket-stealer (that most likely drools..let's be real). I walk around with bags under my eyes, that don't go away once tiredness transcends. Personally, I think possess a super power of whenever I go horizontal I fall asleep. Out, like a light.
Okay, where am I going with this? Normally, when I get tired like I am right now I am really pain in the butt to be around. I am indecisive, I want to be alone and just to add to the cyclical event my biking takes a big ole' plunder.

I love to be on the go, all the time. I like to be organized and always doing stuff - perhaps this is why I crash so hard at night, you can compare me to a 3-year old that just had an intense play date at the local park. During my last training block, I had to be reminded 'it's okay to rest!' - but, my guilty conscious comes bursting through and makes me feel the need to be outside. So, what's the deal with rest? Well, in order to become a better athlete (and person) you need to give your body a break. It is okay to take an entire day off - it is okay to get an extra hour of sleep. I recently had a take with a successful female cyclist reminding me, yet again, that it is okay to take some time off.

Rest actually helps high-performance athletes repair and strengthen muscles that have been worked - rest is critical for tissue repair and…sanity.

So, what does one do? Well, in my case I just forced myself to an ENTIRE week of the bike. I admit, it was hard. Was I actually able to sit around and not do so type of endurance during this 5-day bender? No. I ended up trail running…trying to avoid DOMS.

Rest is a funny thing, because if you don't treat yourself to an adequate rejuvenation period you risk injury, decrease in over-all athletic performance - effervescence gone…just like that! 
But, then there is the idea of too much rest…aka being lazy. Do you know there are actually people that exercise less than once a week? Yep. Weird! If you don't get enough exercise your will not generate energy which in-turn leaves you still tired. Talk about a caveat…

After a horrible performance on my bike last Sunday, I ditched my base miles to try and relax these limbs - in hopes that they will be ready to go in a few more days.

Time to catch some z's.

Sending Love.


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