I was recently asked to write a bio about myself. Why? It is for the big adventure of 2014 that I am embarking on - no I am not moving to another continent (yet) - I am not quitting my job and becoming even more nomadic (for the first time in a long time I have found a sense of stability….since Saturday). However, I am about to set out on the most adventurous year of passion filled soul-cycling.

Soul-cycling? Yes. Just to clarify, my idea of soul-cycling is NOT sitting in a spin/sprint class with a gaggle of Lululemon wearing ninjas. Soul-cycling is the passion fueled feeling of hopping on your bike - whether that is a road bike, a mountain bike, a cruiser, whatever - and feeling FREE! The idea of just riding, how ever far you want to go, at whatever pace you feel comfortable. Stopping for coffee, sharing laughs, riding alone - riding with friends (even meeting new friends), challenging yourself to conquer distances and terrain that you thought were impossible. Throwing your gear on and pedaling in the rain,  turning your lights on and going on a night time escapade. Taking the entire Sunday to explore your environment - find new hidden gems. Soul-cycling is the one time that you can just let go - where you can actually think clearly. You can enjoy being outside (sometimes I even find myself on my training in my garage, watching ski movies) -  It truly is amazing; it is so good for the soul. Cycling brings people together in strange ways, but every bond that is created is meaningful in someway.

So yes, I am getting ready to write a bio. I just sat on the phone with Time Warner for 50 minutes - nothing was established (surprise), however, during this time I was able to think…I don't want this bio to be plain-jane. I don't want it to be too silly - I want it to be dope!

"Hi, My name is Elizabeth and I love listening to Bruce Hornsby (loud)…when home alone; however BIGGIE is my favorite artist. I have contracted a horrible case of 'jersey and chamois tan lines'.  I collect wine corks, enjoy writing lists, baking cookies and sleeping…." 

….I better sleep on this one. I must admit though, it is probably time for me to start using #48hourstolive again!

Sending Love from SoCal.

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