Found this gem and just had to share. 


I Ain't No...

…sleeping beauty. I am a stomach sleeping star fishing blanket-stealer (that most likely drools..let's be real). I walk around with bags under my eyes, that don't go away once tiredness transcends. Personally, I think possess a super power of whenever I go horizontal I fall asleep. Out, like a light.
Okay, where am I going with this? Normally, when I get tired like I am right now I am really pain in the butt to be around. I am indecisive, I want to be alone and just to add to the cyclical event my biking takes a big ole' plunder.

I love to be on the go, all the time. I like to be organized and always doing stuff - perhaps this is why I crash so hard at night, you can compare me to a 3-year old that just had an intense play date at the local park. During my last training block, I had to be reminded 'it's okay to rest!' - but, my guilty conscious comes bursting through and makes me feel the need to be outside. So, what's the deal with rest? Well, in order to become a better athlete (and person) you need to give your body a break. It is okay to take an entire day off - it is okay to get an extra hour of sleep. I recently had a take with a successful female cyclist reminding me, yet again, that it is okay to take some time off.

Rest actually helps high-performance athletes repair and strengthen muscles that have been worked - rest is critical for tissue repair and…sanity.

So, what does one do? Well, in my case I just forced myself to an ENTIRE week of the bike. I admit, it was hard. Was I actually able to sit around and not do so type of endurance during this 5-day bender? No. I ended up trail running…trying to avoid DOMS.

Rest is a funny thing, because if you don't treat yourself to an adequate rejuvenation period you risk injury, decrease in over-all athletic performance - effervescence gone…just like that! 
But, then there is the idea of too much rest…aka being lazy. Do you know there are actually people that exercise less than once a week? Yep. Weird! If you don't get enough exercise your will not generate energy which in-turn leaves you still tired. Talk about a caveat…

After a horrible performance on my bike last Sunday, I ditched my base miles to try and relax these limbs - in hopes that they will be ready to go in a few more days.

Time to catch some z's.

Sending Love.




I was recently asked to write a bio about myself. Why? It is for the big adventure of 2014 that I am embarking on - no I am not moving to another continent (yet) - I am not quitting my job and becoming even more nomadic (for the first time in a long time I have found a sense of stability….since Saturday). However, I am about to set out on the most adventurous year of passion filled soul-cycling.

Soul-cycling? Yes. Just to clarify, my idea of soul-cycling is NOT sitting in a spin/sprint class with a gaggle of Lululemon wearing ninjas. Soul-cycling is the passion fueled feeling of hopping on your bike - whether that is a road bike, a mountain bike, a cruiser, whatever - and feeling FREE! The idea of just riding, how ever far you want to go, at whatever pace you feel comfortable. Stopping for coffee, sharing laughs, riding alone - riding with friends (even meeting new friends), challenging yourself to conquer distances and terrain that you thought were impossible. Throwing your gear on and pedaling in the rain,  turning your lights on and going on a night time escapade. Taking the entire Sunday to explore your environment - find new hidden gems. Soul-cycling is the one time that you can just let go - where you can actually think clearly. You can enjoy being outside (sometimes I even find myself on my training in my garage, watching ski movies) -  It truly is amazing; it is so good for the soul. Cycling brings people together in strange ways, but every bond that is created is meaningful in someway.

So yes, I am getting ready to write a bio. I just sat on the phone with Time Warner for 50 minutes - nothing was established (surprise), however, during this time I was able to think…I don't want this bio to be plain-jane. I don't want it to be too silly - I want it to be dope!

"Hi, My name is Elizabeth and I love listening to Bruce Hornsby (loud)…when home alone; however BIGGIE is my favorite artist. I have contracted a horrible case of 'jersey and chamois tan lines'.  I collect wine corks, enjoy writing lists, baking cookies and sleeping…." 

….I better sleep on this one. I must admit though, it is probably time for me to start using #48hourstolive again!

Sending Love from SoCal.


Projections for a Project.

Today, I woke up and realized the ONLY thing I had to do was go ride my bike (and that I need to figure out my car situation) - not a bad realization to wake up to on a Saturday. 

I like to think that some of my best ideas come to me while I am on my bike. When I am out there I can either turn my brain of completely and decompress, and/or it give me time to think (insert: about some of the most wacky stuff on earth). 

Most of the time I spend my time trying to figure out if I have executed my life plan/goals appropriately.  I think about past and present events. I think about things that I have said, my filter has not been appropriately working lately - so I am word vomiting all over the place (aka saying whatever I want to whomever I want). One of the most reoccurring thoughts that goes through my head when I am riding, is if the fortune teller that I saw when I was 15 years old will actually be right….yes…I think about that.  It it wasn't for Phil Esposito giving me $10 to go see the fortune teller during a class trip to Georgetown the thoughts that run through my head currently would be pretty lame. 

So, today… I had this great idea to start a project. I already paint, create, sketch, color, sew, bake - this project is a little different. I am challenging myself to take a headshot - or a selfie, if you will -  once a month (preferably towards the beginning of the month). I got the idea from fishing around the endless blogs that pop up on Pinterest - it seems like new parents tend to do it with their kids all the time. I thought, heck - why can't I do that? I am at a very interesting point of my twenty-somethings, so it will be neat to see how my physical appearance changes through the ups and downs of life. Maybe after a year of keeping track of what I look like, I can put the idea that I am starting to get crows feet to rest…

I have been contemplating this idea for a while now, or I should say something similar to this. Luckily, I was able to gather 3 images so far (December, January and February). I am convinced that the best part of this record is going to be my hair - today I have a serious case of lions-mane. 

First of all, have you ever taken a selfie?

A week ago my higher-up sent out a the Dove Selfie Campaign to all the women in my department, I watched it - thought about it - told a few people about it - the norm (video above).  Now, I am realizing that maybe this idea for my little project was fueled a little more by watching this video. I am not a fan of taking selfies, honestly, I don't even know if my project/idea even qualifies as that - anyways, the content above is pretty interesting. If I can learn from any one person in particular about taking selfies, it would be my little sister. She is the queen of taking photos of herself. It takes a special amount of confidence to snap a photo and be proud of it, so…kudos to her. Seriously. 

Okay - so hopefully I can remember to take a picture. Looking forward to sharing! 

Sending Love from SoCal.