Ultimate List Keeper

I like to think that I am the ultimate list keeper. Of course, this is probably not true…I am sure that someone out there in this gigantic world is way better at keeping lists than I am. I have lists in my phone, lists on my nightstand, randomly scribbled on a piece of paper shoved in my purse (because everyone that is out a bar on a weekend probably needs to write a list - sorry but that is the only time I actually tote around a purse), heck - if I could write a list while I was riding my bike I probably would! Okay…so I lied...I am completely guilty of getting my phone out and typing something up - once my thoughts were actually so strong that I had to STOP and key in what I was trying to express. Yikes.

So, this weird list keeping habit has only recently been acquired since I graduated college (the second time). Throughout school I had some weird system of writing stuff all over the place and somehow remembering to finish all my projects, do my homework, you know the drill. Once I started my big girl job I remember in my very first meeting, on my very first day I sat in the theater at work as my VP shot of all of these marketing jargons, which at the time I thought was extremely important. 3-years later I realize it wasn't, and over the next 30 months I would sit through a handful of similar meetings. While trying to adjust to a fast-paced work environment I quickly became good a writing to-do lists for the week.

Every Friday before I leave work I sit down and write down what I need to do starting Monday. During the following week I track my list and check things off, in a different color pen of course! So far this methodology has worked. The best part is, is that although I have written a list there is no method to my madness of executing. I never think it is necessary to start with point A and move to point Z. Hell, I will start right smack dab in the middle and see where that takes me. Rebel…

Almost exactly a year ago, I started keeping a journal. Looking back on what I wrote a year ago has been a gas. I can't wait to say that again next year...

I also write grocery lists and plan out every meal for 7 nights. This must happen on Sundays, in order to make sure that I am ready to tackle the world (or the two different grocery stores I insist on going to on Monday during what I like to call Yoga-thirty aka when the parking lot is completely full, and ninjas (women wearing Lulu) whom are jetting across the parking lot with their colorful mats strapped to their backs, yet the grocery stores are empty.

I composed a bucket list when I was finishing up my first college degree. Not because I am dying, because I am one of the most curious individuals on the face of the planet. There are so many things I want to do, places I want to visit and just other random mind-tickling ideas. I have revised/added to this list for the last 4-years (I am sure you have probably caught a post or two previously about bucket list 2.0 or something of that manner). I have also recently started a list in my phone: SoCal Bucket List aka things I want to do prior to leaving Southern California. Hoolllllddd your horses, I am not leaving Costa Mesa anytime soon (to my knowledge), however, there are a bunch of ridiculously awesome things that I want to do before I relocate. I am nomadic, a move is bound to happen at some point…perhaps this is why I keep so many notes? I have "lived"in close to 7 different states, and since I was 18 I have moved houses/apartments once…if not twice…a year. Anyways, the joy that comes with crossing one of those things off the bucket list is like woooooahhh!

I love writing lists prior to my departure on trips. Guess what the top three reoccurring items are? iPhone charger, hair straightener, wallet. PRIORITIES. You know what - I also never have forgotten those three specific things on any trip I have ever gone on.

So, I have this ultra great higher-up now and for christmas I was gifted the ultimate book for someone like me….

My Future Listography
This is a book of lists, all written (or shall I say soon to be written) by yours truly! This was a super awesome gift. So, here is the thing, I am too nervous to start writing in it - I think it is because I want everything in book to be perfect, and complete correct, truthful and personally inspiring. Actually since I received this, I have also randomly acquired two-other booklets that I have started using to scribble in. Literally, this book has sat on the kitchen table - then moved to the coffee table. Most recently it has relocated to our couch side table, and then back to the coffee table. Do I use pen or pencil? Do you see these dilemmas I am facing?! Do I add pictures?

So, here is to planning out more adventures via list making.

Sending Love from SoCal,


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