The funny thing about California.

It just occurred to me that I have been in California for seven years. Seven whole entire years since I left my beloved Rocky Mountains, and traded them for the Sierras. Okay, so it wasn't all that bad. It has been 3-years since I bit the bullet and left the Sierras for the concrete jungle (and then…Orange County). Crazy, if you would have asked 16-year old Bud where she would be at this point in my life back in high school - I probably wouldn't have said Southern California. Although, we all know I was destine to be a beach babe at some point in my life - the naturally blonde ombre wavy hair, and easily bronzing skin might be the dead give it away.
I am not complaining about trading in my speed suit, for a bikini - or having trading in my merino wool long underwear for corduroy daisy dukes. However, I will tell you…the funny thing about California is the weather. Most people say you are so lucky for living in California, it always such nice weather. Well, yes you are correct - but - I think you are wicked lucky for having seasons. Gosh, what I would do to truly experience fall again. You always want what you can't have - right?
Southern California is particularly funny because one day we can be challenging the polar vortex temperature scale, and the next day it will be 85 followed by Hurricane force winds on the Beaufort scale (on land of course). Talk about confusing, Dear Southern California…are you Bi-Polar? About a month ago we were huddled on the couch wrapped in blanket upon blanket, sweats, hoodies, vests, slippers and a space heater blasting in our face (okay, so maybe we have become babies when it comes to 30 degree weather - the whole idea of being a snowmakers daughter has passed, I am wuss when it comes to below 40 - give me a puffy jacket and a hot drink) - to yesterday when I pondered the thought of going back inside and changing into shorts - had it not been for the lovely chamois tan I have right now, I would have. Did I mention, it is January 15th? Now, 85 degrees is just ludicrous. Someone get out the Otter Pops, and strip the bed of the winter sheets! 
Since I have lived down here my body always feels out of whack. It can't decide if its time for hibernation mode (i.e., eat those extra M&Ms) or if it is brazilian bikini time.

The one thing I do know, I am happy that I have made a stop here in this funny state for a few years.

Sending Love from SoCal,


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