Just Busta' Move (or a Wrist…)

The Annual Epic Ride - way better than any department holiday party. Just a great group of rad employees who are genuinely invested in ripping on mountain bikes. This was my third year participating in the ride - I swear every year it gets better and better (perhaps because I become more acquainted with the trail).
Pre-ride get together

So he thinks….

Get in the VAN! 

We always start at an ungodly early hour for December. Sometimes we climb the hard way, other times we take the easy climb. There is anywhere from 15 - 30 riders. The importance of learning knowing how to properly layer is ever so important - especially this year…we hit 38 degrees, ice and thick frost (which is unheard of in Orange County). The invention level is always insane.

Trollin through the ice (photo: Blick)
On the climb there are 2 stopping points. 4-corners, and the top of Joplin. No matter what it is always freezing in these two places. This year was no different.

The best ride snack. YUM!

Smile & Inversion
Every year there is always me and a zagillion other dudes. Luckily, for the last 2 years Anneke Beerten has joined. Talk about a talented rider…

From a few weekends ago...
The dirt was epic again. All of this rain has really done wonders for the trails - I decided to take it "easy" since my riding partner in crime declined from the ride. All for one, and one for all. 

I guess you could say I am notorious for wrist injuries. Why? I literally have no clue - bad luck maybe…BUT on the easiest section of the trail I caught my front wheel and landed all crazy off a baby 2 foot drop. Of course, I ended up putting my wrist down weird…and now it is all messed up. Surprise…
So, after some icing, ibuprofen-ing, taping and x-raying I am semi back to normal. Still waiting on the final consensus… Tried riding a few times and it was an epic failure - not solely because of my wrist but also because I just purchased Speedplay pedals and they are not working with my new road shoes - perhaps it is a blessing in disguise. So…lots of trail running for the time being…

Can't wait until next year - hopefully I will be on a 5-inch bike by then. Just a thought...

Sending Love,


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