48-Hours to Live || Orange County Pedalfest

Holy cow, November has flown by! Have I mentioned that I LOVE bikes? Once again, I was on a roll with blogging and then it came to a screeching halt. Maybe because I was super duper busy?

  • Rapha Gentlemen's Race
  • My Birthday 
  • Riding with Cavendish
  • Annual Thanksgiving Ride, AND cooking a dinner for 3 plus a dog
  • Mom's Birthday
I swear, there was something going on almost every weekend. This is how I should be spending my 20 somethings…

I believe we last left off with the Gentlemen's Race. It is probably easier for me to share pictures than babble, so…enjoy! 

Started brainstorming on a new bike. Clearly, my friend that is an engineer walked me through this… 

The best ride snack ever. I could eat Starburst for daysssssss
The only photo that I have from my birthday. A group of my fellow ride homies got together and celebrated the big 2-7  with brunch and endless schooners. So much fun!
Road soda or Rode hard for this soda? On 100 mile Saturday's,  I never feel guilty about what I consume. 
Checked out this awesome little place in Santa Ana, The Grilled Cheese Spot, the food was amazing!
Spence and I spilt two of their specials, and a basket of O-rings. Let's just say we both rolled out of there… 

Had the pleasure of riding with Mark Cavendish, this was one of the most memorable ride days I've had…right next to the Gentlemen's Race & Downieville Classic (yes, I did just compare riding with Cav to Downieville)

Post Ride smiles. 

Swung by Fizik North America on Friday, walked out with a fresh pair of road shoes. 

Went to Los Angeles, and hung out with some old friends. Why, yes I am sporting Leather & Camo. 

Romped around on mountain bikes with some fast chicks…on San Juan…right after it rained. 
Once again, I had the pleasure of riding with Cav. 

Riding with friends is SO much better. 

Then, I hung with The Boys Club and rode some gnarly downhill on my little 3" XC bike. 

I've been consulting the Magic 8-Ball a lot lately 


We got a new toy in our house. I have no clue how to use it. 

Thanksgiving was celebrated with the annual road bike & coffee ride. We only made it 88 because I need to get back to my turkey. Such a wonderful day! 

The best turn in Orange County  
My Thanksgiving Guests. Gus, Henry & Spencer. 

Popped open a nice bottle of wine and dove right in.
Bacon/Bourbon Turkey, Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes, Brown Butter Pecan Green Beans, Creamy Fennel Casserole, Honey Dijion Brussel Sprouts. Yum, full! 

Glamor Shots by Liz 

Went bowling on Friday. Did I mention I kicked ass?

San Juan Saturday's with The Boys Club. 
So - life has been pretty rad. 
The sit-up and push-up challenge starts again tonight (right after I finish my glass of wine).

Sending Love from SoCal. Xx

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