Ipsy Box #1 | November

So, Ipsy is another $10 subscription bag that for some reason I think I need. Ispy is more makeup focused than BirchBox - in the makeup world I am trying to branch out and try new products…let's face it red lip stick and black smokey eyes all the time gets old. So, finally after 2 months of waiting (and almost canceling) I finally was given a subscription.
Instead of being delivered in a cute little box like Birch - Ispy is delivered in a makeup bag…changing depending on the theme every month. So, I am pretty pumped on the baggy…gold snake skin! YES! Note: I already have enough makeup bags around my house to give one to every single person on my block - however - I keep finding myself piling more and more into our house. Strange addiction. This months Ipsy theme was GLAM IT UP (hence the gold snake skin bag and the goodies inside of it). I am  super pumped that everything in the bag was a full size sample, totally worth the $10.

Be a Bombshell - Lip Crayon in Hot Damn, $14.00
 Just wore this out to brunch with my girlfriend Katie. I loved it - it was a good color, it was light and didn't smudge. I do wish it would have lasted longer (then again I was eating…what can you expect?). Really look forward to flaunting this more often.
BH Cosmetics - Galaxy Chic  Baked Eyeshadow in Neptune, $ various
Since I had brown eyes I have always been told to use blues and purples for eye shadow. I completely object to this idea..well..until I got this blue and then I mixed it with a little bit of black and it all the sudden became a shade I will wear. Oh, and if you look close enough in the photo above, you can get 20% off on BH Cosmetics using the code above.  
Pixie -  Beauty Bronzer in Subtly Suntouched, $18.00
I dig all bronzers and blush.  I received the Subtly Suntouched which has been a good winter/fall time bronzer. Perfect timing too…I had just accidentally dropped my last bronzer and it is crumbling all over the place making a gigantic mess. The color I received has a very subtle simmer to it, and doesn't make me feel like I belong on the Jersey Shore.

Starlooks - Gem Eye Pencil in Topaz, $14.00
 I am a newbie to the makeup scene I guess…I haven't quiet grasped how I am supposed to use this bad  boy. However, the color is cool…I am sure that I will be able to get fancy with this next time I am gearing up for a night out on the town with the ladies.

EM Michelle Phan - Lash Gallery Dramatic Volume Mascara in Black, $20.00
 Conveniently, I had just ran out of  mascara - this couldn't had arrived at a much better time. This stuff goes on really smoothly - the brush doesn't get a bunch of guck on it. This might sound weird, but, it also smells good? Errrmmmmm… With two layers of this mascara I am ready to go.

Nailtini - Nail Lacquer in Champagne, $13.00
Did you read my previous blog about my November BirchBox? Remember I said I received the same exact color in my Ipsy? See…told you! I used this one when I last painted my nails. Super happy with the results - plus it has lasted without chipping for almost 4 nails (this includes a few rough days on the bike). I hope that I get my Nailtini samples in the future to feed my nail polish addiction…

So, overall thoughts of my first Ipsy? Happy. Looking forward to the next bag to see what other goods come my way and figure out if this subscription is worth it or not…

Sending Love,

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