It currently smells like feet in our house, I know for sure that it is not me. No way, no how! Gross.

So, the last few weekends I have taken off from adventuring and really focused on saddle time aka getting my riding legs back underneath me so that I am fully prepared for the race/ride endeavor that I am about to embark on this upcoming weekend (phewwww deep breath). Year to date I have ridden almost 2,900 miles - personally I think that is pretty neat! Last weekend was a really the final weekend that I had to work out any kinks in my riding - well, it was a disaster. I knew within just a few miles that my legs were toast. It was one of the most rotten feelings on earth...my mind wanted to go-go-go but my body was just plain exhausted. Oddly enough, just about 48-hours prior I had a highly respected individual tell me to "take a break!", okay...you win.

Oh, how bout them Red Sox? YESSIR!

It just so happens that the company I work for loves to do outrageous events, that are a huge liability. I pick and chose carefully when deciding to participate. One of my biggest fears in life is knocking my teeth out so if I am going to harm my both & it doesn't have to do with two wheels (aka a bike) I am OUT. This time around it was Big Wheelers, you know - the kind that your rode circa 1992 - but - of course these have been designed to the 9's. Would you expect anything less? Did I also mention it was Halloween that same day? Well it was. You know what that means? BAT SHOES! The one day a year that I can wear my halloween kicks. This is about the most dressed up I have been since college.


Lowrider - literally


Little Red. 

Back to Saturday...we had a big plan of doing a bunch of climbing. After about 1/2 way through the ride I had to change my personal agenda and take and easier route home. 108 miles, turned into a measly 88 miles. I really wanted to get in 100, but, my body wouldn't let me. With the temperatures slightly colder in the morning now one of the biggest challenges is properly layering for the ride and being able to pack the layers away while riding. It was a balance of eating food and taking of clothing...weird. Then...put layers back on for descents. I am hoping that I have ample time to prepare exactly how to pack my bike/jersey for the upcoming weekend - food, tubes, layers, water. Today I changed out my cassette and chain, thanks to the help of Blick and the guys at Surf City Cyclery. Tomorrow I need to swap around my tires and start to "pack".

These bad boys didn't want to move on Saturday. 


So, what is the best part of all this riding? The eating...okay, in all honesty I am normally not hungry when I finish big rides - probably from the sugar intake during the rides. Because of my level of tired I decided that it was important to get some grub in my tumtum. A little secret to my SoCal friends...Sprouts has some of the best sandwiches, plus they are like $4. All the simple sammy essentials are on the menu - in the amount of time it takes to pick a dress from the cooler your food is ready. But, why stop there? When a doctor comes home early from his rotation and is hungry what better way to curb that hunger than with Pie Not? This place has become our weekly go-to especially after my long rides. They have a chef's special right now that is like a chicken pot pie that I really want to get my grubby little paws on sooner rather than later. Birthday dinner? Perhaps! Did I mention that they have the best lattes ever? Because they do!

So, to make up for those 12 miles I skipped out on it was decided that we would go and check out a new bar, Pie Society for some moscow mules. Two things: 1) Yum! 2) if you want to sit down...good luck. If you like the speakeasy vibe, and uber hip people this is your place! There is another speakeasy that I just heard about, I am looking forward to checking this place out.

Cruiser Tricks. 
Saturday we slept in, and by slept in I mean sleeeeepptttttt in. I completely took advantage of the +1 with daylight savings (which is the silliest thing on earth - right up there with Real Housewives). Then, what else would one do on a Sunday....eat? Ha, how did you know...
We adventured to Huntington to Bruxie. Yum yum and yum. Worth every cent for that extra $1 real Vermont maple syrup (just like being home).

So, as you can tell I am a fat kid that really enjoys breakfast like foods and competitive cooking shows.

A few more days to grab some base miles for the week, then, come Saturday at 8 am I will be riding. What better way to bring in a new year than riding 100 miles with 13K of climbing the day before? See ya 26.
Did I mention that I bought a new pair of shoes? They are legit. 

Monday lunch. Getting in a few more K's of climbing. 
Time for some Zzzz's.

Sending Love.

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