Catch-Up not Ketchup.

I can't stand this time of the year. Why? Because for one I know it is snowing - and that my friends is something I miss more than anything. There is nothing better than waking up in the morning opening your curtains and seeing a blanket of fresh snow - the little flutter of excitement that rushes through your body is next to amazing; it makes the entire day better - from crawling out of bed and drinking coffee to the mystique that comes with going to bed and hoping for even more snow to be there the next morning. Ha, ever since I have been little halloween weekend was always a time when you had to bundle up in order to go trick-or-treating, party or whatever. It is not like you can escape the cold weather in the mountains, nor can you escape the cold weather lifestyle..heck the two times I dressed up in college I was a snow themed scantily clad something or others. The other reason that I hate this time of year? Because there is endless chocolate in easy to reach places, and I have absolutely no self-control when it comes to chocolate so I literally am walking around like a fat kid grabbing goodies and giving them a taste test - it turns out all the morsels are quite delicious, thanks for asking. Okay, so maybe hate is a little too harsh...let's go with the word dislike

The last two weekends have been what some would call a staycation, I personally call it another mundane weekend in Orange County. So, what does one do here in the fall months when the fog hangs low for the entire day? Well, if you are me you avoid the malls, hunker down on your couch for a few hours ( I am super caught up on Hart of Dixie & Sister Wives if you wanted to discuss it over a glass of wine) here and there and of course ride your bike.

I am training (I use the term lightly because I am not training like I used to during race season) for a 100 mile ride that I have the day before I add another year to my age. 100 miles? Easy...well...not this one, supposedly we will be climbing something like 10,000 feet (yeah, I didn't know that was possible in the great Los Angeles area either...are they secretly going to transport us to the base of Mt. Whitney and tell us to ride up it? Perhaps a quick trip to Nepal) - all I know is there is beer at the finish line, that is the equivalent of dangling a carrot in front of a horse.
I have been spending my Saturday's on the saddle for 5.5+ hours - I will admit it has been pretty darn awesome. I have seen a lot of stuff that you don't normally see while in a car, I have challenged myself, I have done a magnificent job in packing a lot of stuff into small pockets, I have become more aware of my surroundings and over all more confident with my riding abilities. I was actually telling someone the other day that I might just have to keep on doing this long distance Saturday thing I have going on right now...that is when I am not away on 48-hour adventures. It is pretty great to treat yourself to cookies and mmaaayyybeee a soda to fill up on some missing calories...

Other than that - not much new going on in these parts. Just a lot of work...and saddle time.

My love life = Coffee & Bikes. 

Something isn't right...


Lunchtime dirt rally. 

Gus came for a visit...

Siri just loves to ask me random questions if I put her down the wrong way...

'Ah BayBay! 

So, I don't know what Saturday night at 8:30 looks like at your house....
But, this is pretty accurate for Orange Ave. 

Went on a hot breakfast date to Portola Coffee Lab with Spence on Sunday. I highly suggest it.
Plus, the latte art is pretty great. 

It just gets better and better every weekend...

We have wax lips...

Pump tracking. 
I am starting to get antsy hanging around these parts. It's about time to start putting together another adventure for after my big ride in November. I am thinking I might try to sneak in some more sunny summer time weather...South bound? Perhaps.

Sending Love.

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