48 Hours (x 2) to Live :: Upstate New York Edition

Almost Canada, but, not quite. Yes, I am talking about good ole' Upstate New York - land of real maple syrup (although I know this is highly debatable), fall foliage, the Erie Canal, farms, apples, and the most amazing part of all: My family.

Let's face it, I am an east coast baby with a west coast heart. We ever I head back east mother nature decides to send in the crappy weather and take away the sunshine I have been hearing all about...hrmmm.

Something I have become really good at lately - waking up early. We are talking 2:15 PST || 5:15 EST.

After a crazy Tuesday spend rallying around La Jolla in a rental car doing some last minute work; I quickly packed my awesome Oakley carry on bag with all cold weather clothing. Enjoyed a glass or two of wine and zoned out. My alarm promptly awoke me at 4:45 and I re-packed my bag only to REPACK again...Then I made it to the airport. With enough time to grab a latte - best day ever? I think so! Did I mention that I started reading Sorry I'm Not Sorry - which reminds me of my sorority days....can you tell that I was in dire need of a simple read? ha.

After a zillion and a half (okay, only 8 - it would have been better if I wouldn't have been stuck in a middle seat. Anyways, we live and we learn) hours of traveling I arrived in the good ole' Ra-ChaCha aka Rochester International Airport...International you say? Why yes - because Canada is only an hour away. PS I have always wanted to live in Canada...eh? With this being said, I cannot wait for the day that I can actually find a valid excuse for moving there. Note to self: start studying your French again...

What was the reason for this trek? Well, only the BEST reason on the face of the planet! My lovely grandmother was celebrating 90 years of gracing this earth. The trip was nothing less than absolutely fabulous!

What does one do when they only have a 48 (x 2) to live? Well, they start it off with a salmon dinner with family following my sleeping in to the depths of the morning by wine induced sleep on Thursday. Then you spend the afternoon tooling around on cruisers with your sister, eating ice cream that cost so much you almost go broke and then ending up on the davenport chatting about life with a women whom has seen it all.

One thing I love about going home is that I can cook for my mom. I LOVE cooking for my family - so we wiped up a great vegetarian dinner followed by vegan brownies...I'll share the recipe later :)

Friday was spent avoiding the rain. Running (in the rain), eating delicious french onion soup, and running other fun errands - how could I forget...hitting balls at Big Oak. Did I mention, I am a pro? ha! We even went and dropped two small pumpkins off at Granddad's - Banxie was able to run, run, run, run and we also observed interesting shaped headstones we all agreed we would never want.

Saturday was by far one of the best days. I woke up extra early, we are talking 5:15. It was still dark out - actually pitch black. After a cup of coffee & a few sips of Kefir we hopped into my mom's car and headed towards Cobblestone. It was the most amazing experience ever - we both wrapped up, and then set out on a cart to check up on all the plants around the course. I was super excited because I was able to wear my mothers Bean Boots, which she has had longer than I have been alive - they were pretty much amazing! We may or may not have stalled the cart a time or two - only maybe though... what she has done with the gardening around there is NEXT LEVEL! The place looks great. After a wonderful morning, I headed to my other grandparents house for more coffee caught a quick annual family update and then re-started the adventure...Schutts for a dozen glazed donuts & a gallon of cider. BAM! So delicious - why not follow that up with 3 dozen calms for dinner? We also swung by the old Schlocom-Lauder building to give the Fairport Brew Co. a test - although they were out of the Fairport brews the atmosphere was great and it was really wonderful to hear my mom reminisce about the building when my grandfather had his insurance company based out of there. Of course the day was not over yet...don't forget the surprise party to squeeze in a surprise birthday party for my cousin! Seriously, we are talking whirlwind of a trip here...We slowed the night down with wine on the back patio. Officially one of my favorite things!

Sunday was the BIG day. I started with a bike ride - which ended in what seemed like a torrential down pour for this dry weather debbie. I have to admit jetting up the towpath to Macedon and the ground covered in leaves was so amazing - you don't see that much out here in Souther California.  The day continued with a quick trip to one of the worst Apple Stores I have ever been to at Eastview Mall - after that fiasco we walked away with a new phone and a very happy camper. The best part of the day was quickly approaching - picture this...three women running around frantically trying to get ready for a party - drying hair, make up trying to get all situated. Poor Ed, he was such a trooper waiting for us to finish getting beautified. Now, it was time for  my grandmother's party - I was SO excited. I wore a silk dress that she had owned back in the mid-forties. It is a gorgeous garment! We all gathered together at the golf club to celebrate and eat delicious carrot cake and exchange stories. It was wonderful - I am so happy that the family was able to bond together and put something so marvelous together.

The next day was early...4:45 for a flight back to sunny California and 40 miles on a road bike followed by an afternoon of sleeping - and La Jolla the next day...

Insert cheesy Instagram travel comment here

The Queen B herself, Banxie.

Would you like some leaves with your coffee?

Professional Cruisering

Genny. I'm on vacation...

I owe another pair of moccasins, that's weird...not. I have like 5 pairs. 


Schneels and Clubs. FORE!

x 2 - I was sore. 

I went on a run and came home to this on one couch and my sister passed out on the other...

Keeping it festive! 

Pink on pink. 


Bean Boots. 

One of my favorite photos of the trip. 

Get in my belly!

They say, An apple away keeps the doctor away....seeya Spence! 

Jump photo for dayzzzz

Fairport Brew Co, formally Schlocom-Lauder

Tasters - something great like 6 tastes for $3-4.

Did I mention it was Oktoberfest? My mom and I found out when we walked into the village for lattes. 


Reasons I love the east coast...

Riding dirty...

I came back soaked. 


90 never looked so good! 

Trouble x 2

Why yes, this did happen....


Well, now work has swung back into full-on-the-grind mode. I left the east coast without any syrup or goodies (dang shoes taking up ALL the room in my bag) - I am trying to get my head in the right spot, also while planning the next adventure....Redbull Rampage in Utah this weekend, I only have 48-hours to live! 

Sending Love from SoCal

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