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Perhaps I am a little slow to catching on to things these days...I think it comes hand-in-hand with slowly converting to an adult and having to handle my finances sans parental assistance. It takes a lot for me to justify a purchase - actually I think I have found myself donating more to Goodwill than I have actually purchasing stuff. Yes, so this means that I am down to tee-shirts and jeans. I do however admit that I will never let my shoe game drop.

When I first moved to Los Angeles, I absolutely LOVED dressing up every day. A blazer, a nice pair of boots. It made me feel good. So ultimately, I am in a slump right now. Everyone goes through it I guess. I even find myself deliberating over tagging new styles on Pinterest - com'on it's a social media site...its not like it's going to hit my credit card! ha. 

So, I decided it is time to start exploring. A few of my girlfriends made mention of subscription boxes - I decided to check out what all the fuss is. So, what is a subscription box? It's a goodie box that you receive once a month, filled with product samples - which supposedly coincide with your style (which keep in mind, my is in question right now). There are various companies that are offering these boxes now - they range from make-up and skincare to pet supplies and yoga pants. For some of the boxes you actually have to subscribe and then wait for a spot to become available before you are actually accepted into this monthly-sampler society - I am still waiting to be accepted to one subscription.

Some sites are set up on a point based system - the more points, the more free stuff. Gain points through dollars spent, friends recruited, etc.  You can find numerous blogs across the interweb with people sharing their goodies with those who click on their page, I will admit I have been guilt of exploring endless stay-at-home mom blogs, googling over what they received that month from Birchbox,  Julep Maven, Ipsy, Julibox, etc. Prices of the monthly subscriptions vary drastically, however you can find that most of the highest sought-after boxes are around $10 - $15. You can cancel your subscriptions whenever for most of the boxes (I suggest checking the terms and conditions prior to getting ahead of yourself and entering your payment info). Subscription boxes are also a great gift idea! 

So, after a glass or two of wine I decided that I indeed needed to subscribe. At first I was just going to do one box...then it changed to two. I figured I spend about that much money on crap (Hi, I have an addiction to Target) a month I could re-route where the money was going. So, here I am anxiously awaiting my the arrival of my Birchbox for September, and waiting for my acceptance to Ipsy

I look forward to sharing with you the unveiling of my first Birchbox. If you are looking for a little treat every month, and if you can afford to splurge a little bit, I totally suggest looking into subscription boxes. Honestly, what is better than receiving a little gift in the mail? 

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