Birchbox # 1 || September

It finally came!!!! 

My Birchbox arrived about a week ago (I have been so hectic with 48-hour adventures & work that I haven't had time to share the inside scoop on my goodies). 

So, to start it off - I completely freaked out when I saw it sitting on the kitchen table upon my arrival home from a heeeeeectic day. I immediately took a photo and sent it to my closest girlfriends whom are also recent subscribers with some snarky comment like "I got mine! Where is yours?". I slowly peeled apart the cardboard box to find a cute little gift box inside - my stoke level when through the roof. How awesome is it to get a random present? I will also admit I was slightly nervous about what I was going to get because of poor reviews that I had read online. 

Please note the lovely 1970's California Surf Bum floor...yes..that is real life. 

So, what did I get? 
Egyptian Magic Skin Cream $26.00 - $38.00
 Slightly on the fence about this product, only because I am so picky about what I put on my skin...especially my face: I prefer to stick to witch-hazel. Although, I did use this one night and didn't notice any extreme changes. Phewwwww....

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Luminous Lip Gloss $18.00
 This couldn't have arrived at a much better time. I had just finished the Bobby Brown that I love, and I was on my way to Vegas. Thanks for making my lips look divine....

Juice Beauty - Green Apple Peel :: Sensitive  $39.00
Again, another product that I was slightly worried about using because it was on my face. But, clearly I wasn't THAT concerned because for some reason I decided that it was necessary for me to do a peel about 2 hours before getting on a plane to head to a place where I would be conversing with people all day. My skin was fine - over all review: Awesome. I liked the subtle smell.

RUFFIAN :: The Crowdsourced Collection $24.00
Anything nail polish I love. I have a serious case of polish envy - I literally have a gigantic overflowing tupperware of various colors of the rainbow - I will sit around and paint my nails a different color every few days. As soon as one chips I am on it - one of my good friends mother's once told me chipped nails look trashy obviously I took that to heart...

Serge Normant Meta Luxe Hair Spray $12.00 - $25.00 
This stuff smells amazing. I love that it wasn't like putting glue in my hair - it actually worked more as a dry shampoo than anything. The travel size is perfect to toss in a purse or my travel kit. I totally want more of this stuff...

I will admit that the best part of the box was the little note that was inside which read: 

Smart Cookie

Just the message I needed after a long day
 (well, I guess week which turned into an even longer weekend)

Over all I was pretty excited on my first Birchbox. It looks like I will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of my 2nd box along with all of the other subscribers! Looking forward to sharing what is in the next shipment! 

Still waiting on my acceptance from Ipsy...I am really looking forward to that first subscription. 

Sending Love from SoCal!

Oh, and I promise to take better pictures next time...ha! 

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