Confessions of an Ex-Cold Weather Vest Lover

I grew up in some of the coldest parts of Colorado some say; perhaps that is why I can be so cold hearted? ha. Although, having two Coloradian's that live together, we constantly debate over who lived in a colder area (insert: Little B did + I lived there longer. Therefore I am more hardcore). Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy being bikini-clad a majority of the year...

Now, I live in a place where the low is 50 at maybe 3 am. If it drops below 70 people think hell has frozen over. Low and behold, I prefer cold rather than hot...clearly I need to spend sometime re-evaluating where I live. But Seriously...there is something about cold weather that is so revitalizing: give it a try. 

So, this morning the most wonderful thing (ha, I just typed ting and almost left it because I thought it was funny) happened - I woke up - put on a flannel AND vest! YES, my vest. In my mind the vest is a very underestimated piece of clothing, and also it is by far my favorite piece of clothing that I own. 
Text to Spencer: It is cold enough for the vest to come out...
Spencer: YOu wear that vest when it's 85
Response: Touche

So what...maybe I do have an obsession. Luckily, this year some outerwear companies are finally going to hit it hard with some vest game - it's going to kick ass! Keep your eyes peeled...

My favorite piece of clothing. 
Time to continue the home version of 48-hours to live...I feel some dancing coming on...

Sending Love from SoCal.

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