48 Hours to Live :: Orange County Edition

This weekends adventure consisted of: challenging myself to sleep as long as possible (this was easy), biking, dancing, living room camping, shopping, cleaning, late night ice cream runs and gearing up for the next adventures.

Out of all the places I have lived, I give Orange County a 3 out of 10. To be completely honest this place isn't that rad, but, I am SO happy that there are people out there that can find the beauty in this concrete cookie cutter plastic jungle. Let's just say if you know me, you know this is only one of the stops on the adventure.

I am happy to say that this is the first time since I have left "home" when I was 18 that I have lived in a place for an entire year (assuming I will live in this house another year) - big achievement, does this mean I am growing up? I mean, I already own a vacuum.  Or, does this mean I have a confirmed headquarters for adventuring? Hmmmmm....

Anyways, this weekend I challenged myself to adventure and enjoy where I live. Normally, when I stay here for the weekend I find myself walking up, putting a bathing suit on slathering myself in SPF 40 and sitting in the sunshine for the day then running or biking. Rough?

So, what does one do when setting out on a local 48 hour adventure? First they find inspirational quotes because they have a horrible Pinterest addiction..

I have been SUPER into inspirational quotes lately. 

 In all honesty I guess this was more of a 72 hour adventure - it all started off with a rad ride around work with my homie Kyle on Thursday (did I mention I forgot all of my riding stuff at home and had to turn around on my way to work?). I was super amped because a majority of the ride was climbing, and my legs were treating me well. Plus, the view from the top of Luge is pretty epic. Okay, so what wasn't epic? Kyle's derailer cable snapping on the way down...hey at least it was on the way down...

The sun is starting to set earlier the adventure comes with chasing the sun - you have to be very tactical about when you decide to leave - we were really pushing it on that window of opportunity that night. My eyes start to play funny games at dusk - and my night vision is like 0 on a scale of 1-10. It runs in my family...
Thursday night dirt rally on Luge chasing the sun with my homie Kyle. 
In my element. 
 Friday was tough. I was late - I needed my latte. I got to work and realized I forgot my riding shoes (seriously? AGAIN?). After busting a move at work - the time had come for me to jet back to my house on the coast grab my riding shoes and meet my close adventure pal to start the weekend off right. I like to think I am super G in my pre-ride duds, can't you tell? I think that my biking gear and my bathing suits are hands down my favorite outfits - I would prefer to wear these over jeans any day...want to hook me up with new bike duds? Puuuuuuhhpuuuhhhlease?

All I need. 
 With all of our adventures lately, we have been killing it with photo ops aka making memories. This is hands down one of the best 48-hour adventures photos we have had. It has been so clear here the last few days that you can see Catalina, which is rad. Going to Catalina is on my bucket list - can you say local adventure weekend? I can! Especially because I am the new proud owner of a cold weather sleeping bag, a camping pad and a headlamp. Next thing on the camping list: a tent. One step at a time...

Babes on bikes, taking in the sunset. Epic dirt rallying chasing the sun on Friday in Aliso. 
After a 2-hour long bike ride you can't stop there. This was the perfect opportunity to slip into a little black dress, wrangle the boyfriend and the bestfriend and go dance our butts off. It was successful. 
We also used Uber, for the first time (they are taking over OC cab transportation by storm) and it was GREAT! Super easy, very low-impact, really nice drivers, black cars - I look forward to using this service again.
Babes in Black
Ella and I must have burned like 70,000 calories on Friday between biking and dancing. It was a good adventure. So, yes, we went to X (ten). All-in-all, not my scene BUT it all is what you make it...and we made it fun! Even with that 7 other people there...We ended the night with Bagel Bites and camping in the living room will watching Earth - basically this is like real life camping (Can you tell I have camping on my mind?).

 Saturday was a lazy day for all of us. I spent the day slowly cleaning, the following Spence around like a puppy dog on his errands. I had a small melt-down when I thought Target had moved all of their hippy cleaning supplies, but, Spence quickly corrected me by showing me the shelf height had just changed...drrrrrrrrrrrr. It paid to sit around while he got his hair cut because then we adventured to Pie-Not, possibly my favorite eating establishment currently in our neighborhood. I have a habit of defaulting to something I like - this time I stepped out of my comfort zone and had the "Drunken Cow" (yes, I had red meat) it was so GOOD! Maybe I want to start eating more red meat on the regular? Hmmm...

The adventure didn't stop there. After an hour of gluttony and an episode of Undercover Boss, I was anxious to hit the road on my cruiser and enjoy the salt water and sand. We rallied. Twinsie crusiers. BAM! We zigged-and-zagged throughout the different streets, ultimately ending up at our favorite end of season bathing suit shop. PS this time of year is always the best time to buy bathing suits because they are all on sale. If you don't care about wearing last seasons pattern - you're pumped! Of course we both walked out with a bag of goodies - The reaction I got when I got home and showed Spence was "that's a bathing suit?" "yes..."

Crusier Skillz. 

Sunday is my favorite day to challenge myself to see how long I can sleep on weekends that I am home. I cannot stand the bed that we have, but, somehow I find myself facedown, burrito rolled in the comforter into the depths of the morning whenever I have the chance (cough, cough...10 am).

Me without coffee in the morning is not a good situation. After fighting with my Starbucks app and it not letting me deposit money I decided to go with french press - this ultimately lead to me sitting around and wondering why it was taking so long for my coffee to be ready. Well, it helps to put the hot water in the press. Clearly, I misplaced my brain this weekend.

I frantically ran around town trying to find a dress for an upcoming bash next weekend. That was a failure - it looks like I am going to have to explore the depths of my closet.  Finally, after some last moments of cleaning, and a run to Home Depot for a few new succulents it was time to get in my element and hop on my bike.

Today was an easy ride. A core group of chicks hopped on bikes and tooled around the Aliso area - it was rad. I really enjoy seeing other girls rip on bikes, especially because the dirt world tents to be a male dominated sport (like all the sports I do...). 

Top of the World Dirt Rally, Sunday. 
Well, time to continue the adventure because I only have 48-hours to live and I would like to spend it face down wrapped up like a burrito in my comforter getting my beauty sleep and energy needed to take the week by storm!

Sending Love from SoCal. 

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