48 Hours to Live :: Orange County Edition

This weekends adventure consisted of: challenging myself to sleep as long as possible (this was easy), biking, dancing, living room camping, shopping, cleaning, late night ice cream runs and gearing up for the next adventures.

Out of all the places I have lived, I give Orange County a 3 out of 10. To be completely honest this place isn't that rad, but, I am SO happy that there are people out there that can find the beauty in this concrete cookie cutter plastic jungle. Let's just say if you know me, you know this is only one of the stops on the adventure.

I am happy to say that this is the first time since I have left "home" when I was 18 that I have lived in a place for an entire year (assuming I will live in this house another year) - big achievement, does this mean I am growing up? I mean, I already own a vacuum.  Or, does this mean I have a confirmed headquarters for adventuring? Hmmmmm....

Anyways, this weekend I challenged myself to adventure and enjoy where I live. Normally, when I stay here for the weekend I find myself walking up, putting a bathing suit on slathering myself in SPF 40 and sitting in the sunshine for the day then running or biking. Rough?

So, what does one do when setting out on a local 48 hour adventure? First they find inspirational quotes because they have a horrible Pinterest addiction..

I have been SUPER into inspirational quotes lately. 

 In all honesty I guess this was more of a 72 hour adventure - it all started off with a rad ride around work with my homie Kyle on Thursday (did I mention I forgot all of my riding stuff at home and had to turn around on my way to work?). I was super amped because a majority of the ride was climbing, and my legs were treating me well. Plus, the view from the top of Luge is pretty epic. Okay, so what wasn't epic? Kyle's derailer cable snapping on the way down...hey at least it was on the way down...

The sun is starting to set earlier the adventure comes with chasing the sun - you have to be very tactical about when you decide to leave - we were really pushing it on that window of opportunity that night. My eyes start to play funny games at dusk - and my night vision is like 0 on a scale of 1-10. It runs in my family...
Thursday night dirt rally on Luge chasing the sun with my homie Kyle. 
In my element. 
 Friday was tough. I was late - I needed my latte. I got to work and realized I forgot my riding shoes (seriously? AGAIN?). After busting a move at work - the time had come for me to jet back to my house on the coast grab my riding shoes and meet my close adventure pal to start the weekend off right. I like to think I am super G in my pre-ride duds, can't you tell? I think that my biking gear and my bathing suits are hands down my favorite outfits - I would prefer to wear these over jeans any day...want to hook me up with new bike duds? Puuuuuuhhpuuuhhhlease?

All I need. 
 With all of our adventures lately, we have been killing it with photo ops aka making memories. This is hands down one of the best 48-hour adventures photos we have had. It has been so clear here the last few days that you can see Catalina, which is rad. Going to Catalina is on my bucket list - can you say local adventure weekend? I can! Especially because I am the new proud owner of a cold weather sleeping bag, a camping pad and a headlamp. Next thing on the camping list: a tent. One step at a time...

Babes on bikes, taking in the sunset. Epic dirt rallying chasing the sun on Friday in Aliso. 
After a 2-hour long bike ride you can't stop there. This was the perfect opportunity to slip into a little black dress, wrangle the boyfriend and the bestfriend and go dance our butts off. It was successful. 
We also used Uber, for the first time (they are taking over OC cab transportation by storm) and it was GREAT! Super easy, very low-impact, really nice drivers, black cars - I look forward to using this service again.
Babes in Black
Ella and I must have burned like 70,000 calories on Friday between biking and dancing. It was a good adventure. So, yes, we went to X (ten). All-in-all, not my scene BUT it all is what you make it...and we made it fun! Even with that 7 other people there...We ended the night with Bagel Bites and camping in the living room will watching Earth - basically this is like real life camping (Can you tell I have camping on my mind?).

 Saturday was a lazy day for all of us. I spent the day slowly cleaning, the following Spence around like a puppy dog on his errands. I had a small melt-down when I thought Target had moved all of their hippy cleaning supplies, but, Spence quickly corrected me by showing me the shelf height had just changed...drrrrrrrrrrrr. It paid to sit around while he got his hair cut because then we adventured to Pie-Not, possibly my favorite eating establishment currently in our neighborhood. I have a habit of defaulting to something I like - this time I stepped out of my comfort zone and had the "Drunken Cow" (yes, I had red meat) it was so GOOD! Maybe I want to start eating more red meat on the regular? Hmmm...

The adventure didn't stop there. After an hour of gluttony and an episode of Undercover Boss, I was anxious to hit the road on my cruiser and enjoy the salt water and sand. We rallied. Twinsie crusiers. BAM! We zigged-and-zagged throughout the different streets, ultimately ending up at our favorite end of season bathing suit shop. PS this time of year is always the best time to buy bathing suits because they are all on sale. If you don't care about wearing last seasons pattern - you're pumped! Of course we both walked out with a bag of goodies - The reaction I got when I got home and showed Spence was "that's a bathing suit?" "yes..."

Crusier Skillz. 

Sunday is my favorite day to challenge myself to see how long I can sleep on weekends that I am home. I cannot stand the bed that we have, but, somehow I find myself facedown, burrito rolled in the comforter into the depths of the morning whenever I have the chance (cough, cough...10 am).

Me without coffee in the morning is not a good situation. After fighting with my Starbucks app and it not letting me deposit money I decided to go with french press - this ultimately lead to me sitting around and wondering why it was taking so long for my coffee to be ready. Well, it helps to put the hot water in the press. Clearly, I misplaced my brain this weekend.

I frantically ran around town trying to find a dress for an upcoming bash next weekend. That was a failure - it looks like I am going to have to explore the depths of my closet.  Finally, after some last moments of cleaning, and a run to Home Depot for a few new succulents it was time to get in my element and hop on my bike.

Today was an easy ride. A core group of chicks hopped on bikes and tooled around the Aliso area - it was rad. I really enjoy seeing other girls rip on bikes, especially because the dirt world tents to be a male dominated sport (like all the sports I do...). 

Top of the World Dirt Rally, Sunday. 
Well, time to continue the adventure because I only have 48-hours to live and I would like to spend it face down wrapped up like a burrito in my comforter getting my beauty sleep and energy needed to take the week by storm!

Sending Love from SoCal. 


Confessions of an Ex-Cold Weather Vest Lover

I grew up in some of the coldest parts of Colorado some say; perhaps that is why I can be so cold hearted? ha. Although, having two Coloradian's that live together, we constantly debate over who lived in a colder area (insert: Little B did + I lived there longer. Therefore I am more hardcore). Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy being bikini-clad a majority of the year...

Now, I live in a place where the low is 50 at maybe 3 am. If it drops below 70 people think hell has frozen over. Low and behold, I prefer cold rather than hot...clearly I need to spend sometime re-evaluating where I live. But Seriously...there is something about cold weather that is so revitalizing: give it a try. 

So, this morning the most wonderful thing (ha, I just typed ting and almost left it because I thought it was funny) happened - I woke up - put on a flannel AND vest! YES, my vest. In my mind the vest is a very underestimated piece of clothing, and also it is by far my favorite piece of clothing that I own. 
Text to Spencer: It is cold enough for the vest to come out...
Spencer: YOu wear that vest when it's 85
Response: Touche

So what...maybe I do have an obsession. Luckily, this year some outerwear companies are finally going to hit it hard with some vest game - it's going to kick ass! Keep your eyes peeled...

My favorite piece of clothing. 
Time to continue the home version of 48-hours to live...I feel some dancing coming on...

Sending Love from SoCal.


Birchbox # 1 || September

It finally came!!!! 

My Birchbox arrived about a week ago (I have been so hectic with 48-hour adventures & work that I haven't had time to share the inside scoop on my goodies). 

So, to start it off - I completely freaked out when I saw it sitting on the kitchen table upon my arrival home from a heeeeeectic day. I immediately took a photo and sent it to my closest girlfriends whom are also recent subscribers with some snarky comment like "I got mine! Where is yours?". I slowly peeled apart the cardboard box to find a cute little gift box inside - my stoke level when through the roof. How awesome is it to get a random present? I will also admit I was slightly nervous about what I was going to get because of poor reviews that I had read online. 

Please note the lovely 1970's California Surf Bum floor...yes..that is real life. 

So, what did I get? 
Egyptian Magic Skin Cream $26.00 - $38.00
 Slightly on the fence about this product, only because I am so picky about what I put on my skin...especially my face: I prefer to stick to witch-hazel. Although, I did use this one night and didn't notice any extreme changes. Phewwwww....

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Luminous Lip Gloss $18.00
 This couldn't have arrived at a much better time. I had just finished the Bobby Brown that I love, and I was on my way to Vegas. Thanks for making my lips look divine....

Juice Beauty - Green Apple Peel :: Sensitive  $39.00
Again, another product that I was slightly worried about using because it was on my face. But, clearly I wasn't THAT concerned because for some reason I decided that it was necessary for me to do a peel about 2 hours before getting on a plane to head to a place where I would be conversing with people all day. My skin was fine - over all review: Awesome. I liked the subtle smell.

RUFFIAN :: The Crowdsourced Collection $24.00
Anything nail polish I love. I have a serious case of polish envy - I literally have a gigantic overflowing tupperware of various colors of the rainbow - I will sit around and paint my nails a different color every few days. As soon as one chips I am on it - one of my good friends mother's once told me chipped nails look trashy obviously I took that to heart...

Serge Normant Meta Luxe Hair Spray $12.00 - $25.00 
This stuff smells amazing. I love that it wasn't like putting glue in my hair - it actually worked more as a dry shampoo than anything. The travel size is perfect to toss in a purse or my travel kit. I totally want more of this stuff...

I will admit that the best part of the box was the little note that was inside which read: 

Smart Cookie

Just the message I needed after a long day
 (well, I guess week which turned into an even longer weekend)

Over all I was pretty excited on my first Birchbox. It looks like I will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of my 2nd box along with all of the other subscribers! Looking forward to sharing what is in the next shipment! 

Still waiting on my acceptance from Ipsy...I am really looking forward to that first subscription. 

Sending Love from SoCal!

Oh, and I promise to take better pictures next time...ha! 


48 Hours to Live :: Las Vegas // Interbike Edition

Adventures only stop when you let them. Think of Peter Pan, and the lost boys. I am that, but a girl with a serious biking addiction. A few months back the idea of going to Interbike was planted in my head - being the procrastinator that I am I decided to hold off until the very (and I mean very ) last minute to go. I found a cheap ticket, I found a room, got my hands on credentials, packed my bag and took off on Thursday morning.

I bought a one-way to Vegas and turned on the 48-hours to live mantra. 
Wednesday night I get a text from Ella: You should pack tonight. Me: Of course I was planning on it. Well, after a glass of wine, some thick flowing emotions (you'll find out why later), my bed sounded far better than packing. Sleeping in, talking to my mentor and then going on a run sounds like a good plan prior to a 10:30 am departure too. It's all part of the adventure...

After frantically tossing a few pairs of heels, jeans, little black dresses, and some sunnies in a bag I was ready. Coffee in hand; head phones on. I was on my way to Sin City. It had been about a year since my last encounter with this place - I had also decided during that trip that I was getting too old for the bright lights, heavy bass and unruly alcohol consumption. Who am I? Hello...you are 20, this kind of stuff is supposed to happen. I found a cab, convinced the driver that I was an old local - thanks to all my college companions who used to live there and shared the secret of the "local route" from the airport which saves you a pretty penny. I was dropped off at the Luxor, as my friend Heather said "Oh the Luxor/Mandalay memories..." - yes, the memories. SIA used to be there, and we used to get wild - all of these industry shows are like a giant high school reunion - and help rekindle so many relationships.

Once I grab a coffee I was ready to go. Full steam ahead. I caught up with my a few co-workers and stormed the show. We saw a lot of good stuff, we also learned a lot of interesting things about other brands...stuff that really got you thinking "what on earth, why are we not doing that". I really enjoyed poking my head into other eyewear companies and see what type of technology they are pushing. We have some serious competition right now...

After being overwhelmed by brand awareness. Kit and I found some brewskis and went on the hunt for food. I can't tell you the last time I ate at 6 pm. Weird. The Crit was that night - so I joined the rest of my spandex wearing, leg shaving friends and headed to the track. Beers were $8, water was $9. It was dreadfully hot out. I had the chance to hang out with an old bike shop buddy who is killing it in the bike world in the Northeast. Super pumped for him. Did I mention he as the most beautiful eyes ever? Okay, he does. ha. Saw some crashed - note to self: don't crash in a Crit.


Then, it was time to put my face on. Time to really live. Black dress, check. Pretty face, check. Heels, check. Sidekick/21 year old boy entourage, check. We headed to the Sinclair party - loud music, lots of dudes, and expensive drinks. Awesome! We danced. We got kicked out at 2 am. I made friends because of my leather jacket - that is a new one!  I was tired, but, I only have 48 hours to live - so, what else would you do when you have a gaggle of guys and a fat stack of $1? Clearly, you would hop into a limo and go to the Rhino. Duh!
This is Kit: he is the equivalent of a brother to me. I keep him in line, he keeps me in check.  

Talk about living. I watched the sunrise that morning. It has been about 2 years since I did that - last time I was at Burning Man. Boy did I press snooze repetitively that morning. Kit was dead to the world, so I knew that my alarm wasn't bothering him. Friday was a big day. Remember how earlier I said that the emotions were flowing? Well, they were because I had a job offer and this was the big decision day. Clearly my decision was YES! But, I had to wait 72 hours to say that. I had been a hot mess. Crying, exploding with excitement, trying to be over logical about life - so then when Little B returned to her normal self after giving my answer I was relieved. So relieved that I started jumping on the bed yelling at Kit that we needed to get up and be young!

Thursday and Friday I lived on Latte's. Thanks a Latte! Normally one would gain weight in Vegas, but, I am pretty sure I lost weight. ha! After walking the show for a few hours Friday morning Kit and I noshed with some of the boys from Leader bikes. I think we all were starting to have a case of cabin fever aka Casino air. 

To rid ourselves of a case of Casino Air Kit and I decided to walk down the stripe and get some good people watching in. Trust me, it was really really good people watching...and 7 miles of leg movement. I was actually bummed that I didn't Strava all the walking I did over the show (I secretly love doing this at trade shows and then looking at the map because it looks like a ball of yarn that a cat attacked).

A celebration was in order. We had champagne and sushi. It was amazing. I didn't want to move - okay, so maybe I did. I was determined to find myself an arcade and play arcade games into the depths of the morning (we used to do this at SIA when we would be burnt out on the club scene, which took about 2 days). Plans quickly escalated and I found myself putting on a dress again, hailing a cab and heading to meet a few of my road brobrah friends again. The scene: horrible smell, 90's hip hop music, watered down drinks, and a bunch of dudes. Awesome Vegas - awesome! The one good thing was there was a rooftop that allowed me to count hotel rooms with one of my friendlies (there are 62,000 incase you were wondering).

Gangsta' Gangsta' Is you or Ainchya. 
I guess I should apologize now for the lack of photos. Normally, I am the queen of the iPhone photo app - but - I wasn't for some reason this trip. Boo!
After a poor showing of my dance skills to 90's music - there was an executive decision made that we would walk down the stripe (why, yes I was wearing heels and there was no way in HELL that I was going to walk barefoot. I have blisters galore). 3.4 miles - awesome! Bed had never felt so good.
Driving home. Welcome to El Aye. 

We rallied in the morning and found Kit's car, some coffee and a donut and hit the road destination: West...the Pacific Lake (ha!). After one pit stop, 2 low battery phones, 2 sparkling waters Kit dropped me at the end of my driveway.
Happy to be home. 

363 days to go...

So, to finish a bike show it is only appropriate to go riding - right? Beyond exhausted Ella and I loaded up the car with bikes and jetted South to Laguna to meet up with fellow bad-ass biker babe and good friend Rachel. We were chasing the sun. Sharing chick stories and pedaling like mad. I was all over the place - it was like I was drunk (I wasn't). I love riding with chicks that rip on bikes. I have a little inkling to get back into racing...Enduro's..perhaps? I am ready to conquer the pump track at work, start rocking it on technical downhills and get my climbing legs back (although I don't think I ever lost them).

Tropical Bike Riding Skittles. 

Babes on Bikes. 

As I pedaled back to the car that night I realized that I love my 48-hour adventures. I love being youthful and just doing what I want - seriously, you might as well now....I only have 48-hours to live.

Coffee in Hand. Ass in the Sand. Sunday Decompression. 

Time to start planning the next adventure...

Sending Love from SoCal.

48 Hours to Live :: Santa Cruz Edition

My adventuring streak has been bursting at the seams lately. A part of me wants to own something like Mighty (Eurovan) and just go ride bikes & ski where ever I want. My world, my rules - right? The other more responsible half of me knows that I need to have a career. So, I have made a compromise - 48-hours to live stints. No, don't worry I am not dying, but, I am taking advantage of my youth - kicking ass, and doing rad stuff. I guess you could say I am converting into a true weekend warrior (insert YIKES!) but to be frank, you have to do this stuff while you can. I guess I have been doing 48-hour adventures for a quite some time now - but - now I am going to try and consciously document it.

I have been to Santa Cruz a handful of time. Every single time I go, I always leave a small piece of my heart there. I love the culture, the people, the riding - literally everything. Normally, every single time that I go to this land of granola lovers it is on a whim. That was the case with this trip. Friday 3:00 pm Me to Ella "You still want to take a random trip to Santa Cruz for the weekend?" "Yep, I will leave work at 4:30". After a quick stop to Trader Joe's and some nasty flavored hummus and expensive string cheese, we hit the road.

1 van, 2 bikes, 3 bottles of wine.
Our Digs

We laughed so hard. We drove, and drove, and drove. 8-hours is a pretty big commitment for a Friday night. We drove through fields of Artichokes (which smell horrendous), joked around, told secrets that we had never shared with anyone else, shared our life gripes, sang some rihanna and flew down some dirt roads convinces we were going the right way towards the beach. When it is pitch black out your eyes see funny things. It doesn't help that I always associate Texas Chainsaw Massacre with everything after 9 pm and with farm equipment around.

At 2 am we found a lot to camp in. Contorted ourselves into sleeping positions (I was between both of the bikes), and crashed hard. When we awoke at 8 am we found that we were overlooking the ocean and it was pretty damn beautiful. So, when you are a bike fanatic I must admit it is pretty damn awesome waking up between two bikes knowing that all you have planned for the day is to go ride. Seriously, that is rad.

Sleeping arrangement. 
Adventure vagabonds can never leave home without some source of technology and a sense of direction towards the nearest coffee shop (thank you Siri). We ended up at some podunk coffee shop, which luckily had free wi-fi so we could figure out the riding situation. After aimlessly sitting around we filled up our solar shower got back in the van and headed towards Demo Forest. Highlight of this, Ella says: can you pay attention for road bikers. Sure, so I stop instagramming. The joke quickly became yell "ROAD BIKER!" as loud as possible when we saw one. ha! After rallying on some twisty roads covered in pot holes we quickly found a parking lot with other people who clearly had the same intentions as us...to get rad!

We changed. Our bikes were ready to go. The only issue was finding the trail head. After batting our eyelashes a few times we had everything under control.

Believe it or not there is a sign there that says "Are you ready for fun?" You can see it because I couldn't stand up. 

So, after slowly climbing to the top of the trail head (soooo it may have taken extra long because we waited for other riders to go by us to make sure we were heading in the right direction) we reached the top of the climb, which the climb up was a cinch. We enjoyed the view of the Pacific Lake which is really the Pacific Ocean, but, we were really enjoying messing with people up at the top. Sooo two chicks roll up to a trail head...just kidding...bad joke. Well, there were a lot of dudes standing around - one happened to be obsessing over Ella's bike (which is typical) - we gave them some sassy, then ended up riding with them and then even hanging out with them later on that day.

Signature jump photo. Duh. 
So...the trails? EPIC. Especially after only having access to SoCal crap for the last couple of months. You could literally just lay it over and go. I was grinning ear to ear the entire time. None of these moon dust trails we have - when you pedaled you didn't scrub. We were super fortunate to jump in with a group of locs and they showed us our way - not like the SoCal locs that we have down here. So, maybe my little baby 3 inch bike was not the best for some of the technical sections and I did have to get back in touch with my old cross country roots and toss my bike on my shoulder and run. I can't wait until I have a bigger bike - oy vey. Of course like every awesome downhill there has to be a climb out, which mind you I was super into. There was a group of boys I decided to chase - that was fun. Surprise, little B coming through! I just wanted to keep going - rallying. I finally found my stoke on bikes again. It has been a while since I felt like that...

Demo you treated us well. 

We got back to the van and showered with the solar shower. Let me tell you, all those dudebros that were enjoying their after ride brewski's were not upset seeing two girls camping in a van. After a after riding glass of wine (okay, so we forgot to buy beer - this seems like the next most logical thing to do) we headed down the canyon - only to be distracted by a wine tasting sign. Being the adventurous people we are we stopped - got fancy with some $10 wine tasting and cheese noshing and then jetted to Capitola. Art festivals, wine tasting, eclectic people - it was amazing. I didn't want to leave.

House on Wheels. 


We ended up linking up with the fella's we had met on the trail - parked our van. Hoped on some sick cruisers - got food from the local hippie grocery store (right up my alley). Through together a rad pasta and salad dinner - drank some wine, laughed a bunch. Then, instead of stopping there we decided to check out the local dive bar scene. Totally grimey; thus for totally awesome. $1 PBR's?! Yes PUUUHLEASE. We rallied through the night and crashed hard once we got back to our house on wheels. I woke up with some KILLER lion hair -- that will happen with no shower, biking and a jump in the ocean.
Rat's nest doesn't even describe what was going on... 
Our plans changed pretty quick in the morning from enjoying some mashing on bikes to taking the long way home and enjoying the California scenery by trucking down the PCH. This was probably one of the best decisions of my live - plus it was another check off the good ole' bucket list (which is about to get revamped again). We stopped and some some seals, and checked out the Hearst Castle from a distance.
48 hours to live. 
It's been a while since I have seen beauty like this. 
I thought they were all dead, but, Ella told me different. 
We got home, I was exhausted - but - after such a rad time how can you let tiredness get in your way of rallying? Work the next day...I only have 48 hours to live...My level of bike stoke is out of this world, all from a weekend trip up the coast and some good dirt, laughs, and friends.

Sending Love from SoCal.


Ski Duds

Fall is normally one of my favorite times of the year. You start to see the leaves change, the air gets cold and crisp, you know that ski season is just around the corner....oh wait...that doesn't happen in Southern California. The only way I know it is truly fall is because the calendar told me so...

All that aside, I love fall because it means that new ski stuff starts rolling in! Over the past few weeks I have started to gather my gear for the year (note to self: buy pass). So far I am wicked stoked on the product that Armada has rolled out for the 2014/15 season. The colors are awesome, the fabrics are unique, they have a few camo patterns (you probably won't be able to see them...joke...get it, it's camo...ha), and of course totally legit hoodies that are the perfect length.  I have to admit that the women's fit on Armada's jacket is probably one of the best that I have ever been in, especially for 14/15. The pants sit a little low, you might want to tuck in your long underwear...but...other than that they are totally kicks ass. I may or may not have been wearing everything around my house for the last few nights...

Now it is time to wait for the boots, ski movie releases,  and then the first trip to snow. I am really looking forward to this season, especially because of my new Armada get up. This makes me miss living in the mountains....

Sending Love from SoCal. 


What's the deal?

Perhaps I am a little slow to catching on to things these days...I think it comes hand-in-hand with slowly converting to an adult and having to handle my finances sans parental assistance. It takes a lot for me to justify a purchase - actually I think I have found myself donating more to Goodwill than I have actually purchasing stuff. Yes, so this means that I am down to tee-shirts and jeans. I do however admit that I will never let my shoe game drop.

When I first moved to Los Angeles, I absolutely LOVED dressing up every day. A blazer, a nice pair of boots. It made me feel good. So ultimately, I am in a slump right now. Everyone goes through it I guess. I even find myself deliberating over tagging new styles on Pinterest - com'on it's a social media site...its not like it's going to hit my credit card! ha. 

So, I decided it is time to start exploring. A few of my girlfriends made mention of subscription boxes - I decided to check out what all the fuss is. So, what is a subscription box? It's a goodie box that you receive once a month, filled with product samples - which supposedly coincide with your style (which keep in mind, my is in question right now). There are various companies that are offering these boxes now - they range from make-up and skincare to pet supplies and yoga pants. For some of the boxes you actually have to subscribe and then wait for a spot to become available before you are actually accepted into this monthly-sampler society - I am still waiting to be accepted to one subscription.

Some sites are set up on a point based system - the more points, the more free stuff. Gain points through dollars spent, friends recruited, etc.  You can find numerous blogs across the interweb with people sharing their goodies with those who click on their page, I will admit I have been guilt of exploring endless stay-at-home mom blogs, googling over what they received that month from Birchbox,  Julep Maven, Ipsy, Julibox, etc. Prices of the monthly subscriptions vary drastically, however you can find that most of the highest sought-after boxes are around $10 - $15. You can cancel your subscriptions whenever for most of the boxes (I suggest checking the terms and conditions prior to getting ahead of yourself and entering your payment info). Subscription boxes are also a great gift idea! 

So, after a glass or two of wine I decided that I indeed needed to subscribe. At first I was just going to do one box...then it changed to two. I figured I spend about that much money on crap (Hi, I have an addiction to Target) a month I could re-route where the money was going. So, here I am anxiously awaiting my the arrival of my Birchbox for September, and waiting for my acceptance to Ipsy

I look forward to sharing with you the unveiling of my first Birchbox. If you are looking for a little treat every month, and if you can afford to splurge a little bit, I totally suggest looking into subscription boxes. Honestly, what is better than receiving a little gift in the mail? 

Sending Love, 



Remember when I promised I would update the look of my blog? Well...

Hopefully, this new clean look will give me motivation to move my fingers across the keyboard more often!

Sending Love,