Juicy Juice: something I used to be obsessed with. Gosh, I could have drank that stuff all darn day when I was little. Now, I find myself obsessed with juice. The difference is that the juice I am drinking theses days probably has a higher nutritional content...
A few months back, I decided to purchase a Breville. I love it, and use it every single day. Spencer and I have discovered the hidden gem of veggie stories out here - where we can easily spend $35 and have a fridge full of greens. People seem to go back and forth about juicers...cold press verses centrifugal - organic veggies verses mainstream grocery store. The lists go on and on and on...so...I figured I was say whatever and do my own thing. In the grand scheme of things I am getting more vitamins, minerals, etc if I were not juicing - right? 
If you have walked into a whole foods lately, or read any food blog you have probably heard/seen about the juicing craze. As I lazily sit on the couch in the wee-hours of the night I have been reading endless blogs, comparing recipes, seeing if I was ready to dive into a cleanse. This week since Spence and I have a conflicting meal eating schedule I decided I was going to take the plunge - especially after not feeling top notch all weekend. As I started to commit more and more to the juice cleanse I started to get more and more excited. I tracked down the recipes for the Blue Print Cleanse - which you can basically get off the bottles - wrote a list and started to figure out a plan of execution. The reason I decided that I was going to do my own opposed to buy into a cleanse is because they are just so dang expensive - on the tiny amount of money I make a month, the idea of paying $115+ for a juice plan for 3 days is absolutely absurd. So, plan B - my way...about $40 later I am on my way to a 3 (potentially four) day extravaganza. 
Tonight, after I binge ate a brussel sprout/kale I went right to work with getting my juices ready for day one. It was as easy as could be, and now I have to find out which of my neighbors is in need of some compost...
Here is a break down of cost so far: 

$5.00 Vanilla (I had to trade in the cheap stuff that I use for baking cookies for the real deal)
$8.99 1/lb of Cashews
$0.99 per pound of apples ($4.86 total)
$1.19 per pound of lemons ($6.55 total) 
$1.19 per bunch of spinach ($5.95 total)
$0.39 per grapefruit ($0.39 total) 
$0.99 per pound of pineapple ($4.07 total)
$0.69 per cucumber ($0.69 total)
$0.99 per bunch of celery ($0.99 total)
$1.39 per pound of ginger ($0.79 total)
$0.79 per bunch of kale ($3.16 total)
$2.19 per 5 pound bag of carrots ($2.19 total)
$1.29 per bunch of mint ($1.29)

I had left over beets from last week, some extra carrots and a few other oddities. Spence also talked me into trading out our older odd end cups for a $10.00 splurge for 6 new ball jars with lids! Big day in our house...no really! I have been having a kitchen supply impulse buying spree - I am the proud owner of an electric kettle (finally - after being at my dad's a few weeks ago, I decided this was a must have) and a mini cuisinart. 

So, tomorrow starts the juicing adventure. I'll update once in a day or two...

Sending Love. 

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