KaleSprouts Salad

We have been on a greens spree here. Salads for almost every dinner which in-turn means that that is what is for lunch too (since lunch always consists of leftovers). Ever since we found Grower's Direct we have consumed more vegetables it a week that I think I have in my entire life. Okay, that isn't true - but, we have really upped the ante. Seriously...I juice every morning and eat like 17 salads a day (okay, so I only have two, but, that is essentially 17). 

By far one of my favorite salads we have been making lately is a kale brussel sprout mixture. YUM! We add one chicken breast chopped up that we cook on the stove top with coconut oil...of course. 


One bunch of Kale, chopped up in to manageable pieces
Oven roasted brussel sprouts (or as we call them sprouts
Chopped up Almonds for some additional crunch
A dash of Parm
Chicken if desired

1/4 cup of Lemon juice 
2 tablespoons of Dijon (I generally skimp on this a little, I am not a mustard person...it is even a surprise that I consume this salad since it has mustard in it). 
A few chopped up garlic cloves
A minced shallot or two

I start by making the sprouts and cooking the chicken. Crank the oven to 415 - line a cookie pan with parchment paper (Hint: less to clean up. We like that in our house hold).  To prepare the sprouts cut the stem off, and then cut sprouts into quarters - Toss sprouts into a bowl add a dab of EVOO, Salt and pepper. Mix everything together, pour out onto the cookie sheet place in oven. I normally bake these for about 25 minutes, or until you start to see the sprouts getting crispy. 

While the sprouts are cooking mix together the dressing. Add everything together, listed above, and blend. You can do this in an actual blender or work on my forearms by whisking it together...

In another bowl, I suggest using one with a lid (I have a killer mixing bowl from Ikea that is gigantic with a lid and a rubber bottom. A normal mixing bowl with a large plate over the top works too). Place the the kale, sprouts, chicken, almonds, parm and dressing all in this big fantastic bowl that you have found in the back of your cupboard and SHAKE! 

The last step...dish into bowls and consume. I will admit, that I do enjoy this more the next day after it has had sometime to soak up the flavors a little more. MmmmmmMmmmmmGood! 

Sending Love from SoCal with a grumbling stomach! 


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