It's Time.

When the heat comes out I turn into the biggest baby ever. I would much rather be cold than hot - there is just something that is much more appealing about shivering than being slimy from sweat. On the positive side it does mean that I get a killer tan and the hours of biking in the day is really endless. If I don't force myself to take an hour at lunch to go out and either run a quick 6-7 miles or go ride a bike then there really isn't much hope for any type of exercise being achieved that particular day - annnndddd there tends to be a whole lot of complaining about feeling gross. Well, today I found myself  intertwined with the new video feature of Instagram...

Here are some other things I am excited for this summer:

  • Jolyn Clothing, this is probably one of the best kept secrets in the bathing suit world. Inexpensive, practical fits/cuts/styles, awesome colors. I just ordered my first bottom and I LOVE it. This company has a neat little story, and it totally worth checking out - or - you can just hang with me and scope all the sweet new suits I will be sporting. 
  • New Age Wine, let's face it. I am a bit of a wine-o. A few summers ago some friends introduced me to New Age - there is something that just screams summer when you open a bottle of this chilled with a lime and a few cubes of ice. Yum, summer time. 
  • The Tour, I love watching/reading about the tour. It has been something I have been entranced with since I was a wee-one. I remember always being in North Carolina - we would always go back to the cottage for lunch and watch a re-run of the stage then go back to the beach....otterpop in hand of course. 
  • Strava Challenages - I like to think that I am not competitive, but, in real life I am. I am really looking forward to doing a handful of Strava challenges throughout the summer - these are a great way to find motivation - plus, gaining a few more QOM's wouldn't hurt either...
  • Bike testing. I am currently on the market for a new 5" mountain bike. As I told someone today: I want to be more badass and less cross country. Yes, you read that right - I don't want my only claim to fame to be that I can go fast uphill. I am really looking forward to playing around on some different bikes this summer. The line up so far goes something like this: Juliana (Furtado, of course!)Ibis Mojo HD, and Giant Trance X1 W. I am beyond pumped on all of the new bike technology - andddddd I really want a pair of 27.5's (even after my crash last weekend). I am even going out on a limb and saying it is time for a new road bike too... 
  • Ooddles of fresh vegetables.
  • Riding my cruiser and flying by traffic on my way to the beach.  
  • Adventuring...

Sending Love from SoCal

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