Hush Up


Western State circa 2006. I had just moved back home (I use this term lightly because as I see it I am vagabond, and I mean that in the most delicate way) for a rough first semester at college in Nevada. My days had consisted of brainless general education classes held in lecture halls of 300 students - this being the largest "classroom", if you will, I had ever been in. Prior to college I doubt I had ever been in a class larger than maybe 20...MAYBE. I took English courses, I took psychology (snore), I took math, I took Spanish and nutrition, I took 2nd and 3rd interior design classes - there were the most interesting of course...history of design, that was fun until my persnickety teacher advised me to take classes at my own level - puuuuuuuhlease. I spent the rest of my first semester at college socializing, shopping and skiing once the snow started blowing.
There was something in me that wasn't ready to leave Crested Butte, so ultimately after four and a half months away I found my bedroom at my mom's house full stocked with all of the belongings which had been in my dorm room only days earlier. Nevada wasn't my place (or so I thought)...
I was QUICKLY enrolled into Western State, small classes, people I knew, skiing...mellow. I walked in to my first class and knew the teacher from high school. It was looking like my semester was turning out to be the same as my experience (class load wise) as it did at Nevada, so I had to seize the situation that I was in, because the reality of it was...the only other places that I could go was either back to Nevada (which ended up being the case), or to a Colorado school which I wasn't all that excited about.
After my first week I thought this will be a breeze....business, english, art history, and music.
The idea of taking music class to me was silly. I remember that at Nevada everyone took dancing and music classes for an easy A, essentially that is what I was trying to do - I needed the A. I quickly learned that this course was going to be a little bit of a challenge, I also learned that I my teacher was pretty darn cool and was going to introduce me to a concept that I had never considered before: Silence.  Think about it. Close your eyes and listen to what is going on around you - you are never really surrounded my silence, there is always some time of noise being made. Fore instance, take the keys on my keyboard right now - I am making silent music. Or, the cards driving my a few streets over. There is something that I just love about silence. That semester I had to buy a tape recorder, yes they do still make those. And, yes they are really hard to find especially in Gunnison. We recorded sounds and then played them at different speeds - it was invigorating knowing we are surrounded by so much life.
Tonight I got home and was able to listen to the silence. I love my quiet time - I don't understanding how people constantly need to surround themselves with others and noise and ahhhhhhhhhhhhh - there is just something so nice about good ole' silence. Living in a city (again a term I use very loosely because this is not a city - it is a corporate cookie cutter chic visage) you can forget about how blessed you are to be around the ocean, the hundreds of miles of hiking/biking trails that there are to offer and much more. So, if you close your eyes you can see both sides the beauty and nature and the big dark corporate cloud too that covers up the sounds you hear elsewhere.

Anddddd I am done.

Sending Love from SoCal

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