BTWW 2013

Your Legs Must Be Sore. Nope, not really. Okay, so maybe I am lying...after riding 290+ miles for bike to work week I could feel my little legs starting to get pretty stiff around lunch time on the last day. I knew I still had to ride 20 miles home to round my total to 307. Yes, if you are wondering I won the most distance biked that week. No, it was not just out of all the girls - it was out of everyone.

A Little Pre-Ride on Spencer Sunday
As I geared up to pedal for the week I knew what I was getting myself into. I remember the long exhausting days last year where I would get home and all I wanted to do was sleep, I remembered how my muscles desperately needed to be stretched, I remember continuously being hungry. Well...okay...not much was different this year.
Good Ol' Faithful
I rode with the same colleague that I pedaled with last year. The only difference was last year it seemed as though he was on a mission to rack up the most miles...this year I was on a mission to beat him (he took me by 7 miles last year because he lived further down the beach than I did). Similar to last year I set out thinking  I am only going to ride a few days until I get sore then that quickly changed by about Tuesday. I thought to myself I am going to try to beat my record of 268 miles last year. Then, that quickly changed again once I realized that I was a contender for the top distance, it became I am going to try to challenge myself everyday to ride at least 70-80 miles. Well, that worked - I was averaging about 75 miles a day towards the middle of the week. Slow and steady. Hans helped me map out routes that would take us various directions throughout the week so that I we would gain as many miles as possible - riding to Huntington and then out to Orange, then into work. Or, up Laguna Canyon to Trabuco Canyon to Live Oak (that one I thought up myself). It was fun giving myself a challenge, I needed something like that.
Cruising down the beach. Day #1
Do you know how amazing it is to exercise in the morning? Especially here because it gets so hot in the afternoon. There were mornings when I would be slightly perturbed 30 miles later I was all smiles and ready to take on a day at work. I wish I had the gusto to walk up early enough every day and get in a ride - lets be real I would have to wake up at like 4 am to ride, shower, eat and then head to work: Not happening!
Having fun in that Gridlock? Day # 2
As Friday rolled in, I found myself saying I cannot wait to get back on my mountain bike only to find myself excited to ride my bike home from work on Tuesday night.

My view. 
The riding culture out here is weird. People don't like to smile or wave or really have any friendly gestures towards others out enjoying a pedal. Next time you are riding, smile at a person and see what they do....People act like they are training for The Tour, sorry pal...that's not happening. Oh, and by the way - you trying to draft me isn't doing either of us any good, but, hey enjoy that $5,000+ bike you have...don't forget your to take your Gu while on your 7 mile ride too, I would hate to see you bonk! But, hey...at the end of the day at least they are getting out there and being active - right?

It said don't ride you bike through here. But, I broke the rules. 

Day #3. Long Trek - Huntington, Santa Ana, Orange, Foothill Ranch. We rode over about 7 highways that day. 

Day #4. Another long beautiful trek. Coming up through Live Oak. 
This shoes were made for biking, and that's just what they'll do. 
Day # 5, Rolling in. 

I deserved it. 
My bounty. So pumped on this, because I had just made a comment about needing more lenses. 
5 days, 306 miles. 
 I currently have a bet going on with Kev. He thinks he will ride more miles than me by the end of the month - if he does I have to give him a new pair of Oakley Airbrake MX's - but - as of now...it looks like I will be keeping them :)

Sending Love from SoCal.

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