Another Year.

Budreeder.com will live for yet another year, I know you are saying Phhhheeewwww (okay, so maybe that isn't true, but, I would like to think it is). It is crazy to think that I have been keeping this digital diary for close to 6 years now. After a hellacious renewal process, reading numerous forums of computer internet jibberjabber I finally accessed the ONE page that I needed - of course this process was put off for a week, while I panicked and didn't do anything about it (during my panic I thought about printing every single blog entry that I ever wrote off, just so if I did lose my site I would lose my thoughts - how caveman of me...). Today, I decided was the day - I also decided it was the day that I needed to watch my FAVORITE movie ever, Garden State, and shove my mouth full of cherries - clearly something worked...maybe it was the awesome sound track on this movie? Funny fact, I used to hate watching Garden State, Kev used to force me to watch it. In the last 3 years it has become my favorite movie hands down - I was going strong with watching it once a week for a while - I should probably get back on that train...

 "If nothing else, it's life. It's real and sometimes it **** hurts, but it is sort of all we have". 

Sending Love from Socal

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  1. Actually, yes: we definitely would like you to keep posting. Forever.

    And it would be sad, should you stop.

    So... yes, keep riding.