So, just after I said everyone is around me is growing up far too quickly I decided that I needed to take some adult initiative...look at my finances. Some simple math, which quickly reassumed me that I am still very much a child. I have also started challenging myself to NOT wear workout clothing to work, thus creating a slightly more professional look. Okay, I know that jeans are not professional to most people in corporate businesses, but, they are in my office..

I have a serious case of the Monday's. I found myself having a staring contest with my computer screens today - I lost. It has been really windy here all day - those Santa Ana winds are something else - they blew over my succulent that lives on the coffee table...how dare they! The wind makes it slightly frigid here too...we are talking two blankets on the bed folks. I have lost my temperance for cold weather - sometimes I laugh thinking that I used to live in the coldest county of Colorado.

I have so many recipes I want to share! Maybe tomorrow?

I have been trying to participate in one adventure a week to keep my life interesting...last week I went full throttle and did a bunch of stuff...

I went and watched Spencer do his 13.5 Crossfit work out

True Dat. 

Buff-City, population: Not Me. 

BBQing with the kittens

Road a train to San Diego AND back. 

Sweet kicks

I could live here...

Cutest little kitten on earth

It's 11:11 make a wish. 

Homeward bound, on the train. 

It was Sunday, can you tell?

Road ride with Spence. 

My new hobby. Yes...I now am the PROUD owner of Roller skates - I Am EXTREMELY excited

I like this. 

Okay, I am being forced to go eat. I still need to make chocolate chip cookies, butternut squash chips and kale chips tonight - the likelihood of any of that happening now is very slim to none...

Sending Love from SoCal

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