Sending Love from SoCal

We cannot be mad about what happened today, we can only be happy and thankful that those who we love and care for are alive.
People who execute deeds such as what occurred today during the Boston Marathon will be brought to justice; perhaps the truth will not surface until tomorrow, or next week or maybe even next month, but, I have faith that eventually we will be able to put the piece of the puzzle back together.
News travels fast.
I had received the news prior to my mother (in the east) becoming aware of what had occurred. From cubicles over I heard a co-worker say: Wow, did you hear about the blast that happened in Boston at the finish line. My heart sunk, I immediately knew that for years my aunts worked the finish line - I held on for a very stressful hour while I awaited to see some sign of digital life from them, whether it was a phone call, a Facebook post, Tweet or an Instagram picture. I have never felt so disconnected/and connected from social-digial media during that time. We are lucky; I am lucky. I had both friends and family within feet of the blast. Someone was watching out.
To those of you who kept running to the hospitals to give blood - you are heroes. To the law enforcement, firemen, volunteers and all the other wonderful selfless people who put everyone else in-front of themselves; you are purely amazing.

Sending a tremendous amount of love from Southern California.

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