rubber to asphalt

I like to adventure.
Most of my friends are off buying houses, getting engaged and making babies - world to be completely honest with you...I want none of that (at least right now)
...you know that song Forever Yong welp that is me...but...I am tone deaf so the song probably sounds much better sung by Alphaville/Rob Stewart/Jay-Z.
I want to go on sporadic trips.
I want to find myself dancing my life away at night, but pursuing a highly rewarding career during the day.
I want to go hike mountains, and achieve goals that people see complete unobtainable - I can do it...no problem. I want to laugh my way into a 6-pack abs and have wrinkles not from being stressed out, but, from smiling so much. My life has taken on a very new perspective in the last 8 months.

It should be no surprise when I say I am tired. I have had a whirl wind of weeks. Maybe if I spent half as much time being irreverent and planning weekend adventures and doing crunches and focused more on my job I would have been promoted by now...in the long run at least I will have a 4 pack for bikini season...

I had the most magical adventure last weekend - I went home (I use that term very loosely because at the end of the day I am a vagabond - which is TOTALLY COOL), I was able to spend some really great time with my dad and Barb - I really needed that.  I was able to do my favorite activity in the entire world: ski (for two days!) and just enjoy my Tahoe life. Somedays I wonder, why did I leave? I honestly miss Tahoe more than I miss Crested Butte. The snow lifestyle is so niche and you really do not understand the fine printing unless you have been submerged in it for a while - by a while  I mean your entire life. I cannot even start to explain how awesome it was to shred around with my dad and watch his interactions with other employees on the mountain - my cheeks hurt from smiling so much...STILL. I wish I would have been able to see more of my friends (cough cough...Wilson...) but I will be up again soon. I miss the lake life. I miss living at the base area of an Olympic village. I miss the altitude and the REAL people. I miss the casual lifestyle and the change in seasons. I loved every single moment that I shared with my family.

On the scale of 1 - Vegetarian, Spence and I KILLED it this week. I had veggie withdrawals over the weekend (have you ever had that? Honestly it is worse than giving up drinking wine, coffee and eating chocolate for a week!) - on Monday once we arrived back from grocery shopping I wanted to juice immediately, luckily Spence laid that hammer down and said I needed to make dinner first.

Wow, I must be tired because I am spelling things weird (and I have avoided making the ultimate hiphop mix AGAIN).

Vans will make us dance (actually anything will make us dance). 

Homeward(ish) bound! 

Get in the van!

Sunset heading out of town. 

Selfie jump photo - talent. 

But, for realzies....

How did I get this lucky?

Cas' day at Shaun White's private pipe. 

Finding hidden treats in my pockets. Seriously...Top 5 moments of skiing this season.
I have AMAZING friends. 

I miss the morning inversion. 


REAL kittens. 


Hi-Five Howdy

Thank you CR. 


Bravo! Northstar Snow Surfaces department - KILLING IT! 

Bikes on Bikes on Bikes. 

Send Thank yous. 

Eat Candy. 

Tuesday Aliso Bike Brigade


Top of the World

Podium jump photo?

Guilty flowers? I was going to buy them for myself. 
No snow this weekend, strictly rubber to asphalt. 

Sending Love from SoCal

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