If I had a dollar for everyone someone told me your hair is really long  I would have enough money to get my hair cut, but, then again I probably wouldn't cut my hair and I would be a few hundred dollars richer....which in the long run would go towards paying off my loans. (okay, and breathe...)

Lately, I have been thinking about my life, career, etc. I am in dire need for a succession plan - as of right now, I feel like I am sprinting in place. Going no where - now, I do love running...so if someone could just teach me how to get moving forward in this whole adult like thing that would be great. So, in all honesty I would love any helpful hints as to how/what I should do for my next move; I am hungry.

I wish I had a slew of fun Ansel iPhone pictures to share, but, I don't I think the only picture that I currently have on my phone is a picture of my empty vitamin bottles to act as a reminder  on what I need to get at the store. So far, that has been a fail.

I have worked for the same company for almost 2 years now. It has been a wonderful experience - there are days that I am on cloud 9, and other days where I would like to stab my self with a fork in the eye. Where are you going with this!? Well, in that time I have not taken a single vacation day (except for the company holidays) - so after 20 months I am excited to say, I am actually going to take 2 work days off! Quite frankly, I don't understand way people are constantly taking time off...you signed up for a job - do your work. Who knows, maybe 48 hours away from my new and improved tall desk will change my mind on vacation. Although, I still do stand hard and clear on the work hard, play later mantra.

Spence's big test is in 3 days. He has been studying hard. I think the hardest part of this entire Step 1 thing hasn't even come yet. I am nervous about the 3+ weeks it takes to get his score back...you know...the score which determines the rest of his doctor career. Oh hhhiiiiyaaaa stress! I remember the anticipation that surrounded the acceptation/rejection letters from various schools. We have to do this again...a few more times?! You're kidding me! Okay, all seriousness aside, I cannot wait to cut loose with Mr. WhiteCoat and friends Friday night to celebrate that he has accomplished a major achievement that not very many people even get close to doing.

Soooooo I should be prepping the potatoes right now for dinner and I am still typing...

Sending Love from SoCal

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