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Spencer has been promising me for 3 days now that he would put away his laundry. He hasn't. 

It's 11:11 make a wish. 

So True...and then...

I found  myself drinking this Yogi tea right after I took a screenshot of  that Instagram. 

True Life: Chocolate Chip Cookies with Almond Milk. 

Checked out A Road Bike For You last week. Rad shop, VERY knowledgeable staff.
If I were a roadie this would be my go-to shop (hint, hint - road riding friends - check it out!). 

It was national sibling day last week. My sister is pretty awesome - and taller than I am. 

Way back when, at a photo shoot for Nordica. 

Bust a rhyme.  
Nice little afternoon get away with my new digs. 

So, I came across an app that let me customize photos.
Long story short: My neighbor and I have been sending photo/text back and forth of rappers and our daily life.
They tend to be pretty silly...

Honestly, can you think of anything better to put in an Oakley Marketing award other than sunnies?

Last time I saw a drop like this in a trail was when I was looking over waterfall at the Aspen NOR-AM - I still can remember every single part of that course in my head - the freezing temperatures - the phone call to my mom saying I was too scared and to come pick me up (I ended up racing).


I am notoriously late for my carpool in the morning. 
My neighbor was trying to figure out what the app was that I was using, so I had to give him a hard time...

....a few times. 

I rode my neighbors Ibis Mojo on Friday. It was legit - I need to find a larger bike.
I also met the esteemed Brian Lopes, that was plain ol' AWESOME!!!!   

Road my Huff machine down to the ocean with the doctor and my neighbor for drinks and dinner on Friday. 

Plaid Crew. 

I was so happy to finally spend a night with Spence, where he wasn't glued to the books. We went to a local bar and Crow Burger, which was literally hands down one of the BEST burgers I have ever had - well worth the wait; and I might add the beer selection is HUGE (although they did only have one Heff, Boo!). 
I went riding with a friend down the coast on Saturday. We came across a woody car show, that was neat! 

And, of course I forgot my spare and managed to get a flat AND my Co2 adaptor broke (amateur hour!). WINNING! 
San Clemente Cyclery Bike Shop. It just so happens that that I happened that I would get a flat on this ride, right before we got to the San Onfre camp grounds - clearly I wasn't jiving on the idea of continuing - so a nice man helped me get my act together (lent me his adaptor) and we were back on our way, North bound. This shop is in THE PERFECT location. The shop was really nice, the staff was super friendly, they had ooddles of stuff and I loved the vibe (although I was in-and-out). At the end of the day, I am really glad know this shop is here...I also will try not to forget a spare... 
Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee opened this weekend in Costa Mesa. The lines were insane - I didn't thinI would be able to try one of these tasty morsels for at least a week or two (honestly I just wanted to get my hands on a cup of Stumptown Coffee) to my surprise, I woke up and Spencer had stood in line for 4 fresh doughnuts and two cups of their ever delcious coffee....I say it was well worth his wait.  
What Time are we leaving tomorrow?

So, I may have just shown you doughnuts above. BUT I have set a new all time record in the lat week and been called granola twice and a hippie once. Now folks, just to clarify...I am not a hippie, I just like eating healthy. Have all the aspartame and crap that you want....it's fine with me I will stick to my vitamins, nuts, beet juice, water, qunioa, and veggies. Enjoy (okay, you caught me and the occasional sweet - but - its not like I don't work out enough to deserve something like this).  

Signing off from SoCal. 

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