If I had a dollar for everyone someone told me your hair is really long  I would have enough money to get my hair cut, but, then again I probably wouldn't cut my hair and I would be a few hundred dollars richer....which in the long run would go towards paying off my loans. (okay, and breathe...)

Lately, I have been thinking about my life, career, etc. I am in dire need for a succession plan - as of right now, I feel like I am sprinting in place. Going no where - now, I do love running...so if someone could just teach me how to get moving forward in this whole adult like thing that would be great. So, in all honesty I would love any helpful hints as to how/what I should do for my next move; I am hungry.

I wish I had a slew of fun Ansel iPhone pictures to share, but, I don't I think the only picture that I currently have on my phone is a picture of my empty vitamin bottles to act as a reminder  on what I need to get at the store. So far, that has been a fail.

I have worked for the same company for almost 2 years now. It has been a wonderful experience - there are days that I am on cloud 9, and other days where I would like to stab my self with a fork in the eye. Where are you going with this!? Well, in that time I have not taken a single vacation day (except for the company holidays) - so after 20 months I am excited to say, I am actually going to take 2 work days off! Quite frankly, I don't understand way people are constantly taking time off...you signed up for a job - do your work. Who knows, maybe 48 hours away from my new and improved tall desk will change my mind on vacation. Although, I still do stand hard and clear on the work hard, play later mantra.

Spence's big test is in 3 days. He has been studying hard. I think the hardest part of this entire Step 1 thing hasn't even come yet. I am nervous about the 3+ weeks it takes to get his score back...you know...the score which determines the rest of his doctor career. Oh hhhiiiiyaaaa stress! I remember the anticipation that surrounded the acceptation/rejection letters from various schools. We have to do this again...a few more times?! You're kidding me! Okay, all seriousness aside, I cannot wait to cut loose with Mr. WhiteCoat and friends Friday night to celebrate that he has accomplished a major achievement that not very many people even get close to doing.

Soooooo I should be prepping the potatoes right now for dinner and I am still typing...

Sending Love from SoCal


I wish I had a cool accent

Years ago my mom got me HOOKED on listening to music with headphones. Believe it or not, this was not her defense mechanism to block out the crappy fifteen year old music phase that I went through (let's be real, I sat in my room and blasted techno, which my mother proclaimed sounded like I was bouncing a basketball against the ceiling - I wasn't - I forced my dad through similar musical situations) - it was her way of making me realize how magically awesome beats can be. Seriously, throw on a nice over-the-ear headphones crank your favorite song, and I swear to you hear things you have never heard (so, obviously I am sitting here with headphones on right now) - Benjamin Taylor, Trevor Hall, Macklemore, Adventure Club, Beethoven - simply magical! And, yes...I still do listen to that basketball against the ceiling music...but...clearly a much more mature version.

I cannot wait until I am able to go to my first MLB game this season. I don't even care who is playing - I just want to sit in a stadium. I still think that anyone and everyone that plays/ed baseball is ridiculously attractive (okay, for the most part... then I learned about the dirty, smelly, stinky laundry).

For the last 5 days I get home from work a ball of energy, on my drive home I think I am going to blog about that; it is going to be amazing, I am really looking forward to sharing my two-cents with the world. Well, clearly the act of me signing on and banging my fingers across the keyboard has been abruptly interrupted with my relationship with Pinterest, Fab.com, and other brainless activities that do not involve excel sheets, adobe programs and meeting requests. Oy vey.

Last Sunday I told Spence that I was giving up drinking any sort of alcohol substance until we arrived in Napa. I have failed miserably. After a teeth clenching day on Thursday I demanded that I deserved a glass of wine. But, seriously....Sunday, you and I have a date: no more booze until the following weekend, when my boyfriend will FINALLY be separated from being a doctor and we will be skipping through vineyards holding hands...hhhherrrrrrrmmm?!? Okay, in all seriousness - this is the first time I have EVER taken more than 8 hours off work since I started a real job - I am really looking forward to sleeping in on a weekday. The idea of not being a glorified roommate also sounds pretty effin' awesome too. My favorite thing to do right now when Spence isn't studying is throw myself at him and yell AFFECTION! Most of the time this produces a few giggles, which we both need...
Two twenty-something year olds are not supposed this bogged down with life. But, hey...that is what coffee was made for...right?

If you have Siri I HIGHLY suggest you ask her 'Who let the dogs out?'

You know what else is magical (aside from music in over the ear headphones, biking and skiing?) FRIENDS. Last weekend I was so blessed to spend a week/weekend full of friends. They revive you. All my fellow ski-bum mountain hoodlums coming down to the sand; they make me realize that I am normal. Phew. Friends make you smile. You can cut free, and be yourself - this is something I have really struggled with lately since I am trying to take on such a mature/future planing roll. New York, Tahoe, Squamish, Salt Lake, Denver, Orange County, Austria. I have to be one of the luckiest people on the face of the earth to have traveled so much at such a youthful age and make so many kick ass friends. To those who contributed to my adventures and created friendships, THANK YOU - You are freaking awesome.

Stop leaving and you will arrive. Stop searching and you will see.

Somedays I wish I had a really cool accent. Then people would be curious where I was from (although,  I do have quite the vagabond story already. In my mind having parents in the ski industry is essentially the same as those whom have parents in the army. Army brat? ha. Ski brat) - I would be totally okay with a Canadian accent, perhaps Norwegian or some other European country where gorgeous people come from. Maybe, I will pick one up from all the French I have been learning lately on my spare time...I still haven't decided what good learning French will do for me - although I still think I am destine to live in Canada.

Somedays I also wish that I had a pet, specifically a dog. But, seeing that I cannot keep a silly beta fish alive for more than a few months - I should probably stick to aloe vera plants for the time being.

I am thinking about taking up acupuncture; I have been extremely tired lately. Coffee doesn't work. Vitamins are not helping. Sleeping isn't helping. Exercising - nope. There has to be an answer....

I want to experience wanderlust.

I also want to experience ski diving, but, I would most likely pass out from fear of heights - that is on my long term bucket list. Actually...speaking of bucket lists - I have recently created the Bucket List 2.0 - thing that are achievable this year: 

1) Go to Baja and eat Tacos
2) Hike Mt. Whitney
3) Go to Yosemite
4) Take the ferry to Catalina
5) Visit Joshua Tree, thus putting me more in touch with U2...clearly!
6) Go to Berlin (so,  this might move to the long term bucket list)
7) Drive a cigarette boat (I probably have to move back to Tahoe, and become a pier attendant again to do this)
8) Go to Portland

Can you say spoiled? 

Ski bum, turned beach bum? 

Beach & Bonfires

Whiskey makes you Frisky. 

North America Unite.  
I would never attempt skateboarding sans mouthguard, pads and helmet. I also have this thing against wearing shoes on the weekends, which is quite hilarious considering the heels I wear during the week.  

Desk Decor

Seriously, be nice to our planet. Simply Straws 
Pump. Up. The. BEEEEEEEEET. 

Wednesday Treats. #KittensAndCrumbs

Riding in the rain. 

Just my bike, and my mind. 

I came home to the beautiful face that I started dating 2 years ago, sans horrendous mustache. I ain't mad!   

ThrowBack: When I first moved to Southern California and was called Kesha - seriously? ImmaBeMe.

Soooooo vintage! 

Backyard Super D. I love where I work; what a GREAT first job. I love the authenticity of the people who work here.   


It's the simple things...like getting a tall desk that make me look forward to next week and not minding that I stayed until 6:30 on a Friday organizing and MOBBING on my bike. 

OG stuff right there. Oakley Zeros - how lucky was I to try these on?!
Tired eyes. Headphones pumping beautiful sounds. 


Ultra Authentic. I love surprises. Seriously. 

Top 'O The Climb. I love having the opportunity to ride during lunch. 


Smiles all around.
Finding my normal. 

Pee-Grass. Poke. Avocados. Havea' Chips and water. Delicious.  

Rollerskating in the kitchen. You Rebel you. 

Rekindling old friendships. 

I am so thankful for the life and the experiences that I have been able to have. To all that have made my crazy, fun, exciting, wondrous life possible - thank you.

Sending Love From SoCal.


Ansel iPhone

Spencer has been promising me for 3 days now that he would put away his laundry. He hasn't. 

It's 11:11 make a wish. 

So True...and then...

I found  myself drinking this Yogi tea right after I took a screenshot of  that Instagram. 

True Life: Chocolate Chip Cookies with Almond Milk. 

Checked out A Road Bike For You last week. Rad shop, VERY knowledgeable staff.
If I were a roadie this would be my go-to shop (hint, hint - road riding friends - check it out!). 

It was national sibling day last week. My sister is pretty awesome - and taller than I am. 

Way back when, at a photo shoot for Nordica. 

Bust a rhyme.  
Nice little afternoon get away with my new digs. 

So, I came across an app that let me customize photos.
Long story short: My neighbor and I have been sending photo/text back and forth of rappers and our daily life.
They tend to be pretty silly...

Honestly, can you think of anything better to put in an Oakley Marketing award other than sunnies?

Last time I saw a drop like this in a trail was when I was looking over waterfall at the Aspen NOR-AM - I still can remember every single part of that course in my head - the freezing temperatures - the phone call to my mom saying I was too scared and to come pick me up (I ended up racing).


I am notoriously late for my carpool in the morning. 
My neighbor was trying to figure out what the app was that I was using, so I had to give him a hard time...

....a few times. 

I rode my neighbors Ibis Mojo on Friday. It was legit - I need to find a larger bike.
I also met the esteemed Brian Lopes, that was plain ol' AWESOME!!!!   

Road my Huff machine down to the ocean with the doctor and my neighbor for drinks and dinner on Friday. 

Plaid Crew. 

I was so happy to finally spend a night with Spence, where he wasn't glued to the books. We went to a local bar and Crow Burger, which was literally hands down one of the BEST burgers I have ever had - well worth the wait; and I might add the beer selection is HUGE (although they did only have one Heff, Boo!). 
I went riding with a friend down the coast on Saturday. We came across a woody car show, that was neat! 

And, of course I forgot my spare and managed to get a flat AND my Co2 adaptor broke (amateur hour!). WINNING! 
San Clemente Cyclery Bike Shop. It just so happens that that I happened that I would get a flat on this ride, right before we got to the San Onfre camp grounds - clearly I wasn't jiving on the idea of continuing - so a nice man helped me get my act together (lent me his adaptor) and we were back on our way, North bound. This shop is in THE PERFECT location. The shop was really nice, the staff was super friendly, they had ooddles of stuff and I loved the vibe (although I was in-and-out). At the end of the day, I am really glad know this shop is here...I also will try not to forget a spare... 
Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee opened this weekend in Costa Mesa. The lines were insane - I didn't thinI would be able to try one of these tasty morsels for at least a week or two (honestly I just wanted to get my hands on a cup of Stumptown Coffee) to my surprise, I woke up and Spencer had stood in line for 4 fresh doughnuts and two cups of their ever delcious coffee....I say it was well worth his wait.  
What Time are we leaving tomorrow?

So, I may have just shown you doughnuts above. BUT I have set a new all time record in the lat week and been called granola twice and a hippie once. Now folks, just to clarify...I am not a hippie, I just like eating healthy. Have all the aspartame and crap that you want....it's fine with me I will stick to my vitamins, nuts, beet juice, water, qunioa, and veggies. Enjoy (okay, you caught me and the occasional sweet - but - its not like I don't work out enough to deserve something like this).  

Signing off from SoCal.