I tend to neglect things.
Tonight, I forgot that we were having pizza for dinner - I left the dough in the freezer.
I haven't been on my blog in dayz.
That box clothing going to GoodWill, maybe next weekend?
I don't neglect Pinterest and Instagram.
I neglect doing laundry and mopping the floors and organizing my 70,000 pairs of shoes.
I don't neglect riding my bikes and getting exercise.
I take my vitamins er'ryday.

Perhaps it is because I am too tired - it could also just be that I am lazy or forgetful. Seriously, if I don't have a meeting request or a reminder set these days chances are the event or activity is just going to pass me by. Is this due to age? Who knows...lets not dig too deep into this.

So, I have been busy. I am sure you get that by now. Working and playing...mostly playing - taking 100% advantage of free weekends. My mountain bike is back together - today I got a new helmet. I have decided that I need to get a 6" bike, rather than a 4" - of course I am far too stubborn to give one up for the other, I have to figure out a way to swing that. I am sure you are thinking, wait - don't you have student loans and are in dire need of a new vehicle? You're right I am/do. But, hey...I am only in my 20's. I have to enjoy it.

I am proud to share with you that my diet lately has been predominately vegetarian and I am still totally obsessed with my juicer. I went 3 days without juicing and I thought I was going to go craycray. I think everyone should own a juicer - seriously! I have a horrible obsession for kitchen supplies - I must have gotten that from my mother.

Okay, Ansel iPhone time -

Juice of the Day. Lemon, Beets, Apple, ginger...and most likely some other stuff. 

Breakfast of Saturday Champions

Back into the swing of things. 

Whiskey you are so fine (+3 limes)


Orange you glad I didn't say banana? 

So much running lately. Such a nice lunch time escape... 


Lift Kit

A touch of east coast. 


Hardest decision of my day...

Lion mane. 

No purple teeth here...

Do you have a tank at your office? Probably not...

Sweet Treats. 

Flower from my neighbor - they smelled ahmaazing. 

My favorite season: strawberry season

Work. Work. Work. 

Stay the trail

We have gotten pretty good at jump photos in Mammoth. 


Pretty blessed to go to a place like this on the weekend. 

I call this "how much stuff can I fit on my head"


Double Trouble. I love dancing my buns off....


So excited! 

Jump photo attempt # 4

Tug of war with Sofie

Our lobby is bad ass right now (and always is...)

I always get the BEST easter baskets from my mom! Xx

Locks on locks on locks 

Worst candy on the face of the earth. Yuck.


Girls night at the beach, I ain't complaining! 

Twinsies aka Wal-Mart special 

I can see clearly now... 

Lunch in Laguna

Saturday escapade

The turn that makes me realize how lucky I am to live in California

I was trying to be a show off. Karma is a b*tch. I hurt my knee - I have never been is so much immediate pain. 

Went and kicked it at the Arnette office in Encinitas this week - it was pretty killer. 

Enough said. 

Gus came for a visit this weekend. 

New brain bucket - it's about time. Now I need a new road one too (PS I am still wearing this right now)

Cookies for my coworkers

Brining it on! 

Hoodrat stuff. 

Top of Modjeska climb. 

Yep, I ate that. 

Girlz night done right. 

The beach in March - this isn't horrible!

So, clearly I have been staying busy. Spence is home - I need to go and cook now (hopefully the dough is defrosted) - uhlala, he brought wine! YES! So, if you want to follow my adventure more hunt me down on Instagram: ereederreadsanereader ( yes, that says e reeder reads an e-reader...because I do and it's funny).

Sending Love from SoCal.