I have this thing for shoes. In all honesty, it is pretty bad - although, it used to be worse. I think the only reason I am able to retain my shoe buying gene right now is because I am a grown up and officially have to pay for stuff on my own, the little voice inside my head normally says "hey you have to pay off your student loans.." (ugh...those things...).
I also have this thing for taking pictures - I have only recently become addicted to Instagram - so I literally take pictures of everything....e v e r y t h i n g!
So, I put my infinite love for shoes and photos together  and now I find myself sharing a photo of the shoes I am wearing with the Interweb world daily. For a moment I thought I was absolutely brilliant for hashtagging all my shoe photos as "#shoediary", welp, turns out there is indeed someone more brilliant than me out there and already started that hashtag - oh well - I can still add.

Rawr. Sperry's. 


Minnetoka's, that have seen their days...

So Euro in my Nike's and jeans. 


Fizik. BikeLyfe. 



Jeffery Campbell




This is a joke. Yes, those are heels and I am in my running gear....


Nike Boots & Gold Jeans #Swag

Halloween Nikes

Creative Recreations

Toms Botas


My foot compared to a footballer kickers foot (and those Vans are 3 sizes too big on me). 



Save the BEST for last Sidi's. 

 So many pairs of shoes to wear and take pictures of, so little time!

Sending Love from SoCal

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