Shine On

"Be grateful for the breath in your lungs, the love in your heart, and the friendship around you. Don't waste days/weeks/years/life worrying about trivial things. Cut out the bad, so you have room to embrace the good. Tell those you love and care for how much they mean to you. You may not have tomorrow". 

This has been an interesting week to say the least...a lot of odd emotions - so pardon me while I rant... 
(Oh, and yes...I have been reading my horoscope again, perhaps that is why life is so off camber again). 
First - The was the first time in my life where I have found myself sitting in my car while its been parked asking myself what the hell are you doing - I could be traveling, I could be working somewhere else, I could still be a ski bum - instead I am in Southern California, just living. I think my eyes opened a litter wider while I was in Colorado seeing all of my amazing vibrate friends, and the missing my ski life went into full effect. Leading into the second thing...

Second - Guns. They are horrible - why do we have so many people inflicting harm upon others? Do these killers realize that they are hurting not only those whom they kill, but, also they are hurting their friends, family, etc? If you don't already know, a friend from Tahoe was shot with two other men on Tuesday. The harm the person has inflicted on these men is unimaginable - and they are irreplaceable. I hope that they find the individual that committed such a rancid crime soon and justice is served. Not cool. Raleigh, shine on. 
Where did all of this violence come from all the sudden? Does it only seem more apparent since I am growing up? I wish this kind of crap didn't happen. 

Sending Love from SoCal to Ral's family, and friends! 

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