My mouse is making a really strange noise; it has really gotten in the way with my Pinteresting.
Speaking of Pinterest, I would have rather spent my time doing that than watching the Super Bowl - Super whhhhat? I have to admit, I wasn't even that impressed with the commercials...well, except that Calvin Klein one - you know the one that made all the guys watching the game feel REALLY awkward? ha!
So anyways - I was just in Colorado. It was amazing to be 'home' - I saw some really cool new products at SIA, really innovative ways of merchandising and REALLY good friends. All in all it was a great trip (minus losing my debit card and lack of sleep) - I decided to Strava one morning, and I ended up walking 9 miles at an average pace of 4.8 mph in 1h50m - no wonder I am feeling so fit - two days of that.

Thug Lyfe. 

Space Lyfe. 

Oh, you fancy Boi!

Took a trip to the Capital, hadn't been there since middle school.

Ski Lyfe. Shred some turns at Loveland. 

How innovative..

Rolling with mah Homie


These two just become my favorite people even MORE and MORE...
My horoscope said wear a helmet so I did. 

Old Skool.

My mountains were blue. 

This happened...

So much love. 


You probably cannot see us. 
Adventures with Matt.
I want a sink that looks like this one. 

 I also did a Spartan Race last weekend...I kicked ass...6th for Women. 4th for my age. 138 out of 3800 people. I beat Spence...duh. It was raining so it was extra muddy - I ran really well, and did an even better job at batting my eyes to get assistance over the 7 ft walls that were thrown in as obstacles.

Slightly Muddy.

The Boys


So photogenic

Ah! Look out! 
Bed time!

Sending Love (maybe some 'ove too) from SoCal.

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